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Tricky Riddles Offers the Largest Online Collection of over 5,000 Riddles and Brain Teasers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2012 -- For hundreds of years, people have enjoyed solving riddles and brain teasers. Figuring out how to answer the puzzling questions and come up with logical explanations for the stories help exercise the brain by making both kids and adults think outside of the box.

Traditionally, finding new riddles to ponder has meant purchasing a book of brain teasers or maybe getting together with friends who are also interested in the topic. But buying a new book every week or so can really start to add up, and it can be hard to rely on others to always have a fresh supply of challenging riddles.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its incredibly large collection of riddles and brain teasers that are guaranteed to keep both children and adults busy for a long time while they try to come up with the answers.

Tricky Riddles features over 5,000 riddles and brain teasers in a variety of levels of difficulty and categories. Thanks to user-submissions and the staff’s devotion to being on the lookout for fresh material, at least one new riddle is added to the website every day.

“We have scoured the web to collect these quality free riddles and answers, guaranteed to make you think hard,” an article on the website said, adding that visitors need not worry—Tricky Riddles keeps the riddles and answers separate throughout the entire website, and will never reveal the solution to anything until it is requested.

“We have both kid's riddles and even more clever riddles for adults! We have many categories but our most popular one is the ‘What am I?’ category.

Using the free website is easy; the only hard part will be deciding which mental puzzle to tackle first! The home page features lists of both the most popular and the latest riddles and brain teasers, as well as category tabs along the left hand side of the page that will help riddle fans find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

For example, clicking on Who am I will bring up a page filled with a variety of this popular type of riddle that asks puzzle solvers who is being described, based on a set of intriguing yet challenging clues.

About Tricky Riddles
Tricky Riddles is a free website that features over 5,000 easy to hard riddles and brain teasers that are both popular and fun for kids through adults. New riddles are added to the site every day. The website is user-friendly and includes a variety of categories of brain teasers including “What am I”, logic and math problems, and much more. For more information, please visit http://www.trickyriddles.com