Tricostar Launch Web Based Software Bringing Cloud Computing to Government Institutions


Middlesex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2012 -- Managing documents and materials across distinct departments has always been a challenge for larger organisations, and the phrase “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” is commonplace because of this. Often, time, money, resources and even jobs can be consumed by the time it takes collating and collaborating on data creation and management. Tricostar have been helping the public sector use technology to streamline this process for over twenty years, and their latest software is proving the most adaptable and powerful yet.

Timebase 247 is a development environment, and for the first time is entirely web-based, as opposed to prior solutions developed by other companies that are web-enabled but still require heavy processor power on the part of the user’s PC. The environment is highly customisable and comes with extensive add-on features that offer a level of systems integration hitherto unseen.

Whether requiring court bundling software that collates documents required for court appearances without extensive human research and exertion, or case management software that enables administrators to keep an entire electronic case file up to date featuring all communications, documents, notes, time records, related matters, parties and more, Tricostar have developed software specifications to enable these and more applications, and are developing further strategies all the time.

A spokesperson for Tricostar explained the many advantages of Timebase 247, “Timebase 247 is web-based, not web-enabled, meaning it’s a light and nimble product designed for fast and effective interfacing with flexible applications. The development environment it provides can be customised to meet the particular needs of the client’s business, saving time and money by increasing the effective use of resources. This means that large companies spanning multiple departments can effectively access and manage documents and matter from any location, which can be enabled via cloud computing for remote access or based on the in-house server system. Timebase does not require heavily specified PC’s to run the system, as there is no software install on the client; nor does it require costly client hardware and middleware, which may limit functionality. It is the future of collaborative computing, and many have already begun to see that.”

About Tricostar
For over 23 years Tricostar and its consultants have been bringing innovative technology solutions to the public sector to reduce their costs, increase revenue and make more efficient use of precious resources. Software implementations include Legal Services, Planning Obligations, Democratic Services, Social Services, Customer Rights, ICT Services, Procurement and many more within Local Authorities. For more information, please visit: