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Trilogy Exteriors Advises on the Importance of Gutters


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2020 -- Gutters are the home features that few think about, but everyone would notice if they disappeared. Their crucial function of diverting water away from a house might seem insignificant because it initially doesn't cause significant problems. Still, over time, the accumulative water damage can wear away at a home's roof, its foundations, and the surrounding property. As one of the leading roofing service companies in Montgomery County, PA, Trilogy Exteriors advises homeowners on the importance of gutters.

Water damage rarely appears to be a problem until it's too late. A small crack in the roof can lead to larger fissures if the water isn't directed to a more productive path by a gutter. If rain is allowed to sit on rooftops and wear away at the material, it could lead to leaks inside the home, creating far more expensive damage than would have occurred if a gutter system had been installed.

In addition to preventing leaky roofs, gutter systems help to divert water away from houses, where it would otherwise pool around the base and seep into the ground and eventually make its way into the home. These pools can create the ideal conditions for growing mold inside a house while providing a perfect breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes.

Pooling can also create conditions for erosion to occur in the foundation of a building. The longer water is allowed to flow through the soil and across the surface of a home's foundation, the more likely it will be that cracks and other damage will appear in the stone, laying the groundwork for extremely costly repairs.

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