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Trilogy Exteriors Is Booking New Gutter Installation Projects in Montgomery County and Bucks County


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2019 -- Trilogy Exteriors is now booking new gutter installation projects in Montgomery County, PA, and Bucks County, PA. With fall weather continuing to spread leaves and debris across Philadelphia, having efficient gutters is essential. When debris clogs up a gutter and drainage system, water has nowhere to escape and will pool on top of buildings. If the water becomes too heavy for the roofing materials or finds a crack or hole in the roof, it can ruin the structural integrity of a building.

The Trilogy Exteriors team has recently advised on the impact that leaky gutters can have on a home. Leaking gutters can damage fascia boards and roofing materials, and this can lead to problems such as wood rot. If water pools near the foundation of a building, the foundation may start to crack or crumble.

When gutters become worn, they can fall from buildings, and this causes potential damage to fascia, soffit, and roofing areas. Additionally, standing water can cause ice dams, mosquito infestations, and clogged gutters and overflowing gutters. This water could also cause swollen or damaged siding, soil erosion, and damage to landscape and garden areas.

Decking areas will rot if a leak causes water to fall on these structures, and driveways may crack, causing potholes to start forming. There could also be stains on the concrete and siding of a property. All of these problems can be avoided by investing in gutter maintenance or a new installation — especially before the winter arrives.

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