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Trim Nutrition Releases New TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouch


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- Trim Nutrition, an industry leader in wellness supplements and sustained energy products has announced their latest product TeaZa. Trim Nutrition believes the product could revolutionize the way consumers view energy powders.

TeaZa comes in a package similar to chewing tobacco. Users pack the powder into their mouth in order to stay focused and energized. Trim Nutrition claims that the taste remains strong for over an hour, helping to reduce cravings and control appetite.

A spokesperson for Trim Nutrition explained how TeaZa works:

“TeaZa uses natural herbs and vitamins to revitalize the mind and enhance energy for an incredibly long time. Since the nutrients are delivered over a longer period of time, the energy boost lasts longer than products like energy shots or energy drinks. In addition, the delicious flavor helps to curb appetite cravings.”

Since TeaZa comes in a pouch much like chewing tobacco, it’s easy to see it as a tobacco replacement. Indeed, Trim Nutrition designed TeaZa to be a healthy replacement for tobacco-based products. Instead of ingesting the tobacco and other harmful ingredients included in chewing tobacco, consumers can replace their cravings with TeaZa.

A spokesperson explained:

“TeaZa can be used by those recovering from tobacco addiction and by those who have never used tobacco before in their lives. TeaZa is rich and flavorful and delivers increased energy and focus over a sustained period of time, which is why we’ve seen it become popular with athletes and other high-performance individuals.”

TeaZa follows Trim Nutritions’ range of doctor formulated products including B12 injections and HCG injections. The company formulates products with the help of a team of team of medical doctors, pharmacists and chemists. They believe their highly skilled medical team and their unique blends of herbs, vitamins and minerals allows them to offer the highest quality wellness products on the market.

Recognition of their growing brand has led to Trim Nutrition being appointed as the official nutrition partner for the IZOD IndyCar Series and Firestone Indy Lights. This will see Trim Nutrition offer wellness assessments and nutritional advice to drivers, staff and IndyCar fans.

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Trim Nutrition is a health food company that provides natural supplements, vitamin injections, protein powders, and more. The company recently released a new oral stimulation product called TeaZa that claims to enhance the energy and focus of its users. For more information, please visit: