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Trinity Design Group Changes Corporate Name to The Trinity Group and Launches New Comprehensive Website


Rockvale, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2011 -- The Trinity Design Group LLC, a leading church planning and design / build firm is pleased to announce a corporate name change to The Trinity Group LLC and the launch of a new corporate Website. The Tennessee-based international firm offers services that range from consulting and training to full project execution. Trinity helps the church to successfully navigate the process of church master planning, church funding, church design and church construction, both nationally and internationally.

Planning, funding, designing and building a ministry facility is a complex process fraught with challenges. In fact, the overwhelming majority of projects never move forward due to the lack of sufficient funding. Over 50 percent of projects that do move forward never get past the design stage. While 70 percent of those projects that do move on to construction go over budget, past deadlines and/or experience significant quality issues. The reason for these failures lies in the church's lack of understanding of the process that must be followed to insure success. Most churches have little to no expertise in the non-design/build aspects of a church building project, nor do church architects and builders. The most frequent result is very good church, architect, builder teams that still experience significant project issues or complete failure.

With many years of experience in church construction, The Trinity Group has successfully nurtured many church projects from the planning stage to the completed construction. While prayer and faith is always the cornerstone to any endeavor, proper planning and execution must work hand in hand to bring a ministry facility from an idea to fruition.

Trinity owner Rick Thurman is a leading expert in the field of church facilities and has built his company on the understanding that success comes from the disciplined process of planning, preparation and execution of the project by a well-coordinated team. “Our Corporate name change and new Website are just the latest ways in which we reflect that comprehensive philosophy and professional growth while showing what we offer to churches looking for the right partner in such a huge endeavor,” said Thurman.

The firm helps churches clarify and articulate their vision and develops a Strategic Master Plan that always leads to a successful finished product. The firm is also instrumental in the area of seeking church financing help and church capital campaigns, if needed.

According to Thurman, his vision over the past 15 years and with The Trinity Group has been to bring the same level of commitment and experience to church projects as he brought to his many years in corporate building projects across the United States. His strong passion for seeing churches experience the same level of success with their projects has produced an impressive track record of high quality projects.

About The Trinity Group
The Trinity Group offers a range of services, from consultation and training, to complete management of church building projects. After many years of managing projects for national and regional corporations, Rick Thurman and a diversified team of accomplished professionals utilize that experience to help churches get the same results. To learn more about The Trinity Group, or to see a sample of their many successful projects and set up a free consultation, please visit http://www.thetrinitygroupllc.com