Josh Chang Helps Make Triple the Fun, One Third the Space - Triple Bunk Beds


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- These days building comfortable children’s bedrooms cost a lot. With the furniture in the room people will also have to think of using the same space as a play room for their kids. With a tight budget and limited space, it is best to kill two birds with one stone. People can create a play area as well as a comfortable bedroom for THeir kids. The solution to this problem is Triple Bunk Beds. These are an incredibly valuable space saving fixture for their children.

These days, beds are made to optimize a room without compromising on style and safety. One such company is the which offers a lot online. They offer triple bunk beds which can be separated as twin beds and a single bed or three single beds, different sizes, different material and of different styles. They have the biggest variety of bunk beds on their site which are reasonably priced.

The features of their bunk beds are:

- Durable
- Multiple options to arrange the beds
- Reasonable prices
- A ailability of used beds on sale price
- Different designs to choose from

Before choosing a Triple bunk bed be sure of what kind of bed a person would like, what kind of material should be used, example wood or steel, check if there is enough room in the kid’s bedroom to hold the bed. Also Kids below the age of six should not be allowed to sleep at the height of a bunk bed, so make sure that their kids are old enough to enjoy the bed.

The benefits of are

- Ideal to save space
- Ideal for bigger families
- Save money by buying used beds which are of durable material
- Different bunk beds available for girls and boys

“With six kids I know exactly why I want a triple bunk bed. I have three girls and three boys, all full of energy even after a day at school, so I need them to play in the room while I am away. I bought bunk beds from I was surprised with the options I had and I choose two different strong beds for girls and boys. Now they have their own space and a place to play as well!!” Melanie Swan, New York.

About was started with an aim to provide families with as many choices as they can have for bunk beds. They know how important saving space is in this time especially where space is scarce. also wanted to help people afford triple bunk beds and so they started the sale on used bunk beds. There is nothing like having all the kids under one roof yet having their own space and freedom.

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