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Tripping over Enlightenment: Insightful Book by Nora Podkul Takes the 'Scary' out of Dealing with Spirits

Proving that the ordinary truly is the extraordinary, Podkul’s latest book depicts the eye-opening story of two friends who shared personal life experiences which led to their discovery of enlightenment. With so much relevance to everyday life, the book is set to resonate with readers around the world.


Latrobe, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- While many fear dealing with spirits, the story of Nora Podkul and Debbie Saville will prove a potential life-changing insight into the life and work of mediums. Using facets of their own lives and interweaving plenty of compelling creativity, ‘Tripping Over Enlightenment’ provides a powerful literary experience for all who read it.


‘Tripping Over Enlightenment’ is about two friends sharing personal life experiences which led them to spiritual enlightenment. It is their hope readers understand life challenges provide guideposts and opportunities to create the life you desire.

Through time and circumstance two women found their way to friendship culminating in the collaboration of this book. By understanding the interaction between Spirit and life choices it’s possible to commit to and enjoy a sane and happy existence.

Remember……the ordinary is the extraordinary.

As the author explains, her book intends to open readers’ eyes to the life they are meant to live.

“Our purpose is to relate insights on appreciating life lessons for what they are. Each of us has a unique opportunity for spiritual growth upon birth, perhaps sooner. Too often we forget that and get lost in human demands, pain and anger. But by just changing your attitude, negatives become positives,” says Podkul, a renowned Spiritual Intuitive and Medium.

She continues, “It’s all a matter of perspective. We hope this book opens your eyes a little and brings you one step closer to the life you deserve to live.”

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“I absolutely could not put this book down. What wonderful, humble, down to earth ladies! Love it! Someone should make a movie of it,” says Pat Bonella, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Carol, was equally as impressed. She said, “It was so easy for me to associate the feeling, the locations, and the people involved that it made it so special. Thank you so much for sharing your inner self whereas we all can relate in one way or another. Vidilia Onions don't make you cry so much and they still have many layers of life to reflect on! “

With the book’s popularity expected to rise, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘Tripping Over Enlightenment’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/Y9I1Ez

More information can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tripping-Over-Enlightenment/38369233175

About the Author: Nora Podkul
Nora Podkul is an Author, Lecturer, Spiritual Intuitive and Medium who offers compassionate assistance to those seeking spiritual guidance. It is her goal to re-connect humans with their spiritual self in order to live healthier, more contented and fulfilling experiences during their journey through life.

Debbie Saville has a background in the corporate world, along with a solid base in theater as a director and producer. It is her mission in life to create positive energy and light, one thought, one smile at a time. Her ideas are drawn from her heart and life experiences. Debbie has a need and a willingness to share what she has learned. It is her hope to lead others to embrace their own unique, extraordinary life and follow the path to living a positive life.