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Tritium Disposal Provides Businesses With Safe and Effective Tritium Recycling and Disposal Service


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2012 -- Many businesses and workplaces across the country have taken advantage of tritium powered exit signs. The benefits are significant, the most obvious being that the signs don’t require an external power source, meaning costly electrician’s fees can be avoided completely. The technology is effective and safe with radiation levels significantly below government limits. There seems to be no downside.

That may be the case up to the point it comes to tritium disposal. Due to its nature as a radioactive isotope, tritium requires adherence to strict disposal guidelines and processes. Unfortunately for many who thought it was fine to just throw their old tritium exit signs out in the trash, heavy fines apply for those who don’t dispose or recycle their tritium-powered signs in the appropriate fashion.

Enter TritiumDisposal.net, the leading resource on the topic of correct tritium handling, disposal and recycling in the country. Born from a need to educate people everywhere on the penalties levied at those who don’t follow correct guidelines when disposing of the radioactive element, Tritium Disposal also offers a complete solution for those looking to leave the complex task of dealing with tritium products at the end of their lifespan with experts.

Tritium exit sign disposal is a complicated and fraught process; any minor deviation from government regulation can leave businesses and businesses owners open to significant financial penalty. Businesses now more the ever understand the inherent risk that exists for those who maintain tritium signage past its expiration date or those who dispose of their signs incorrectly. For this reason, TritiumDisposal.net is proving invaluable to those firms who would rather approach experts in the field than risk their own necks by undertaking the process of tritium recycle or disposal themselves. “Tritium disposal is a very important. By disposing of tritium signs properly you are affectively avoiding heavy fines that can come from carrying expired tritium exit signs,” the Tritium Disposal team confirms.

Ultimately the service offered by the tritium-handling experts at TritiumDisposal.net is one of peace of mind; a confidence that all correct regulations and guidelines will be adhered to in the disposal of a business’s tritium signage and any risk of fines or penalties can be eliminated. For a small cost a huge potential future expense can be successfully negated, and businesses from all corners of the country are flocking to Tritium Disposal as a result.

Firms everywhere can rest easy knowing that the Tritium Disposal team are standing by, ready to shine a light on the complexities of tritium disposal for companies all across the nation.

About Tritium Disposal
Tritium Disposal Co. is the nation’s one-stop shop for information and facts about Tritium powered exit signs, benefits, precautions and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) process for disposal and Tritium recycle. Although Tritium signs have caught on tremendously in the last few years due to the inherent capabilities of being durable, non-electric and long lasting, just throwing it in the dustbin is not possible without the risk of severe penalties. TritiumDisposal.net addresses this issue be supplying a complete end-to-end tritium recycling service for firms everywhere.

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