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Triumphant: Breakthrough New Book Release for the LGBT Community

Written by Keoni Kenai, this bold and unusual debut is a compelling tale of tolerance, love and North America’s ever-evolving view of relationships that don’t quite fit the ‘norm’.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- When author Keoni Kenai set out to write his first novel, he knew it would have to speak to the heart of what he believed, regardless of the reaction from the wider community. With ‘Triumphant’, Kenai has written a truly innovative book and provided a lifeline for LGBT readers who may be struggling to find purpose in their lives, and acceptance from those they love.

In ‘Triumphant’, Kenai explores the relationship between main characters Craig Jamison and Armari Arnold – two men who have been together for over five years. Aware that their feelings for one another might offend or discomfit the average person, the two still remain happily together and fight daily for the same recognition afforded to their heterosexual friends and family.

“It’s about embracing who we are,” says Kenai. “Regardless of sexuality, it’s vital to be your own cheerleader and best friend. Don’t compromise or let others bring you down.”

Searing, romantic and defying stereotypes, Kenai’s novel is a ‘triumphant’ one for LGBT readers and the literature community as a whole.


Craig Jamison and Armari Arnold have been in a relationship for over 5 years.

It is a love considered to be taboo by the world's standards and one that goes far beyond God's permanence of what a true relationship should be between a man and a woman. Yet, the world and people are ever evolving toward newfound paradigms of what love really means regardless of gender. We are in a time where the "new normal" is a far cry from the values and norms to what we are taught to believe in. Our world is ever-changing. So too are the ways in which we view and accept new paradigms on relationships whether straight or gay. The gay and lesbian world is anxiously waiting for writers to tell their stories whereby levels of understanding as well as self-acceptance helps to heighten feelings of substance and the retreat of indignity.

Triumphant is a leisurely, unconventional novel about self-identity, acceptance, and self-peace. The main character faces struggles with his sexuality and atypical relationships that disrupts the common values of tradition. Craig Jamison struggles to protect his image and the perception others will have on his lifestyle. He is at times confused, ambiguous, and abash about his sexuality. This story enlightens readers to the challenges the protagonist faces with acceptance from others.

Triumphant attempts to breakdown stereotypical images within the gay community by introducing prominent and successful characters of substance. They are doctors, lawyers, and important business men and women within our society. In this compelling story Craig and Armari reveal the joys and pains of being in a committed relationship while struggling with self identity, confidence, and levels of insecurities. We follow Craig and Armari's relationship and what it takes to finally feel assured in this thing called being human.

As Kenai explains, his aim with the book was not only to shatter prejudice, but also to provide new examples for LGBT readers, who often find their stories lack depth.

“Too many times, books aimed at those who define themselves as LGBT are only about sex,” says the author. “In my book, I include characters who are prominent within their companies, or leaders in their cities – they are just like anyone else, and yet they would probably be regarded as examples of how to live. I want to show people that even mayors and celebrities can be gay or lesbian – it’s very common – much more common than most would think.”

Continuing: “In ‘Triumphant’, the characters struggle like anyone else, and I think that’s what makes them so relatable. There’s beauty in finding acceptance and finding love – for yourself, or for your partner. That’s at the core of Armari and Craig’s journey toward finding each other, and finding their own self-worth.”

‘Triumphant’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1rY4DZv

About the Author: The author lives in MO.