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Troubled Boy Turns Man by Way of Self Discovery - The Lies We Tell Ourselves Book Hits Book Retailers

Words are very powerful and nothings rings more true than a book that has just been released called The Lies We Tell Ourselves which is a fascinating journey and read.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Words are very powerful and nothings rings more true than a book that has just been released called The Lies We Tell Ourselves which is a fascinating journey and read.

Author Robert Kintigh of the new bestselling book is excited that the time has finally arrived to deliver this example of inspiration, motivation and courage, and a re-birthing of a generation delivered in a time when most have been badly beaten down by a bad economy and a lot of turmoil in the world. A story whose time has come that can deliver something special to people who are in need of inspiration and insight. This book is a story within the story that is a true testament of what the author is trying to relay to his readers.

For over 30 years, Robert Kintigh has been a struggling writer and motivator who have been in search of the right words that could be delivered to his readers and followers. He was not just looking for any words, but words that when put together would take people to a place of invincibility and freedom; where anything was possible. Robert says this book he has finally completed is a beginning point for people to see what can be accomplished.

"The book is not perfectly written with poetic poise, but is perfectly written as an example of what the book is all about. I believe it practices what it preaches," says Robert. The author has high hopes that people will pick up the book, open it up and then get immersed in the personal stories that are delivered inside and the lessons and knowledge that they bring with them.

The book which focuses around the author and his childhood and upbringing in a suburb of Los Angeles California called Downey, is about a boy who enters this world from a lesser vantage point and is surrounded by people who deliver messages that are counterproductive to his dreams and ambitions. Unsure why life seems so impossible while he sees others living larger than life, Robert goes on a journey over the next 20 years to discover if life has more to offer and why some people seem to naturally achieve more with greater ease.

Robert says, “I knew in my heart that life had more for me and others around me, but I was at a constant daily battle with my thoughts and realities. I had to understand and fix this problem because I had a burning desire to help others just like me." The book which has taken almost 8 years to write has finally become a reality and so far the reviews have been huge.

One of the books fans by the name of Matt Flemister states, "I am shocked there are people in this world like Robert who can write things so personal and so touching, that they sacrifice themselves to help others like this delivering words so powerful. This is just one of those books you pick up and can't put down!"

The Lies We Tell Ourselves is a book about personal growth and development that the author takes you through real life journeys and stories while he lays out a clear message about what the real possibilities in life are. This is not a biography about a tragic life lived, it quickly becomes a story of celebration and triumph and as you turn to the last page and close the book, the main point of the story makes its biggest impact on you and the author.

"If life is not what you want it to be, and then make it happen. If you are struggling to realize a dream, quit talking about it and just make it happen. If you have failed over and over again, go and fail again because you will win at some point. If people are busy telling you can't then go and show them that you can by just doing it and making it happen. Your cure lies in side of you and no one else," says the author. This book will have you on your feet cheering and screaming yes, while you eliminate the word I can't!

This book is published by Balboa Press which is a division of Hay House and is currently being offered on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle as well as retail outlets around the country. Request it if you cannot find it locally as this is a treat for everyone in your community.

The book can be ordered here: http://www.thelieswetellourselves.com/Order-Book.html

About The Lies We Tell Ourselves
The Lies We Tell Ourselves book is a journey that has been a long time coming for people of all walks of life. This book is for you if you are depressed, overweight, hurting, wanting more, and looking to be a better leader, poor, a bad person, a single mother and anyone who is looking to be more in life. A riveting book that will keep you tuned in to the end to see what the possibilities are and what Robert Kintigh is all about. Once you read the book you will quickly see that this is no ordinary journey.

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