Troy Massey & Brian Francois Seek $800,000 via Crowdfunding for the Skintex MRIII Cover

The Skintex® MRIII Cover is a front line technology to help defeat mosquitoes and the diseases they spread.


Rock Hill, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- If a pollster were to a hundred people which creature is the deadliest in the world, the poll data would show a plethora of predictable responses; sharks, snakes, bears and so on. More than likely there would be virtually no data showing the truth; The most deadly species in the world is the mosquito! As quiet and little as it is, it’s not just annoying but deadly. Mosquitoes are responsible for over 1 million deaths per year with over 600,000 from malaria alone. Most of us have heard of Malaria while very understand that Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

Mssrs Massey and Francois are based out of a textile chemical company in South Carolina with an impressive product line used by textile mills to help produce fibers and fabrics. Their expertise has led them to develop a game-changing, life-saving product when it comes to combating insect-borne diseases; The Skintex® MRIII Cover! Skintex® MRIII is the only EPA registered microencapsulated insect repellent system for textiles. The Skintex® MR III cover is a unique vector tool that is not currently being used to fight insect borne diseases.

These two dedicated gentlemen wish to bring the Skintex® MRIII Cover to the area of the world that is most devastated by malaria; Uganda and its surrounding countries. Providing easy access to the Skintex® MRIII Covers is important because there has been a lethal shift in the areas where insect-based diseases are most prevalent. With the wars in Africa and the natural disasters that have affected millions in under developed countries, there are millions of people that are transient in the sense they don’t enjoy the comfort and protection of a real home making their exposure to misquote-based disease unacceptably high. Conventional solutions are not nearly as effective given the realities of the modern world.

Nets and sprays can help to a degree if an individual or a family has a home to spray and nets to hang. But for the transient member of society they have virtually no protection at all. The Skintex® MRIII Cover can help protect these people when they have no structure in which to hang a net or spray.

That’s because when the Skintex® MRIII Cover is in use, the microcapsules embedded in the fabric burst which releases permethrin onto the textile. This creates a HOTFOOT scenario for a mosquito. When a mosquito lands on the textile and attempts to feed, it will come into contact with permethrin and permethrin filled microcapsules. Once the microcapsules burst, the mosquito is dosed with the released permethrin. The result is a dead or disoriented mosquito which is completely harmless. Independent testing has proven that mosquito activity was typical in most respects with just one astonishing exception; not a single mosquito bite.

Crowdfunding for $800,000 sought to roll out 50,000 covers where they are needed most. Everything’s ready to go except the funds needed to make this happen. 100% of all funds raised will be used to produce Skintex® MRIII Covers, create distribution infrastructure related logistics in Africa to make delivery as fast and efficient as possible.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on October 19, 2014.

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