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Tru Hue Makeup Launches Broad Spectrum BB Cream


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- It’s always refreshing to see a new makeup line come out that really has the customer in mind. And that’s exactly what Marcella Cardinal, a professional makeup artist with over 20 years in the business, did when she created Tru Hue Makeup. It came about after being asked by her clients how to re-create her professional looks at home and in a more timely fashion. From that, Tru Hue’s 6 Step, 5 Minute system was born.

Cardinal knows how overwhelming choosing makeup, and choosing it in the right shades, can be. She made it easy on the Tru Hue website for women; just answer a few easy questions and you’ll be guided towards the perfect set of products for you. This gives even the most beginner makeup users confidence in the choice of their products, as well as the confidence to put together a full face of makeup in no time!

The first step in the system is foundation, and one of the two choices she offers is the Broad Spectrum BB Cream. It’s offered in three different shades, and adjusts to the wearers skin tone. Evening out skin tone, as well as covering flawlessly. This foundation option is great for all skin types and has a moisturizing feel to it for a dewy glow. Not only does this foundation cover well, it also has many other skin benefitting ingredients. This BB Cream has the highest organic UVA protection on the market with 15% Titanium Dioxide; which is the most effective proven UVA block! Did we mention its SPF 30 too?

This BB Cream, as well as the other products in the Tru Hue line, really pack a punch on delivering high quality makeup. The entire Tru Hue 6 Step, 5 Minute system retails for $140, but each product can be purchased separately as well. Tru Hue is the perfect makeup routine for any busy woman on the go!

For more information about Tru Hue Makeup please contact Marcella Cardinal at:
Phone: 308-428-5893