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Truck Accident Lawyer Danziger and De Llano Launches TexasTruckInjuryLawyers.com for Injury Victims


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Danziger and De Llano, the Houston law firm specializing in Texas truck injuries, announces the launch of TexasTruckInjuryLawyers.com. Backed by Danziger and De Llano's two decades of experience trying truck injury cases with hundreds of millions of dollars recovered, the new site provides legal advice and counsel to victims of truck accidents. The new site is available online at http://www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com.

Truck accidents happen at an alarming rate; one out of every eight accidents that occur on the road involve a truck. Due to their size and the speeds at which they travel, accidents caused by trucks often have devastating effects. Sadly, it is often the vehicles and passengers of those vehicles who are hurt or killed in truck accidents.

Because of their elevated position in a heavy and protected vehicle, only two percent of truck drivers involved in accidents are hurt or killed. The traumatic injuries caused by truck accidents often include head injuries that result in brain trauma, concussions or blindness; injuries to the neck and spine leading to chronic pain or paralysis; internal injuries leading to organ failure and potentially death; and injuries to limbs which can lead to amputation.

According to an article on the site at www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com, "Every single year there are approximately half a million accidents involving trucks on American highways. Of those, approximately one percent, or five thousand end up involving the death of either the driver of the truck, a pedestrian or cyclist or bystander who happened to get in the way, or a passenger or driver of a car or cars that came into contact with the truck. This is a devastating statistic."

Danziger and De Llano have two decades of experience trying cases involving truck accidents with hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements to victims and their families. Whether trying cases against individuals or trucking companies, the firm has extensive experience in a variety of potential accident situations including driver fatigue, road and weather conditions, the truck being poorly loaded, and improper vehicle maintenance.

About Danziger and De Llano, LLP
With hundreds of millions of dollars recovered since 1997, Houston attorneys Danziger and De Llano specialize in Texas truck injuries caused by drunk driving, faulty equipment and more. TexasTruckInjuryLawyers.com was designed to provide truck injury victims and their families with legal advice and counsel needed after an accident. Danziger and De Llano, LLP consistently wins the highest possible jury awards and settlements for its clients, providing them with the financial assistance they need. For more information, visit http://www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com.