Trucker Shortage Jobs in Trucking Go Unfilled

New job opportunities due to truck driver shortages


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Truck driving jobs are going into a decline. The positions are just not getting filled anymore. This is a bad thing in many ways.

Longer Deliveries

Having a shortage on truck drivers leads to longer delivery times. Customers are going to end up getting purchases outside the time frame promised, which may also lead to a decline in sales.

Decline in Sales

There will eventually be a decline in sales. Customers are going to do whatever possible to get the product, even if it means not ordering it. Instead of waiting around.

There are numerous companies looking to hire for trucking jobs. The following are advantages of being a truck driver.

The Pay

The pay for being a truck driver is a decent amount of income. The more experience one has is usually the best, and may be able to receive more compensation.


Depending on the type of truck driving job, it could be local or national. It's nice to see different scenery and it makes for a relaxing drive to the next destination.


The benefits of being a truck driver are extraordinary. With most companies, one will be able to receive a 401K, medical benefits, salary benefits, holiday pay, along with other benefits. Having a job with all of these benefits can be hard to come by. With the trucking industry needing so many employees, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up and can get right in to.


Some trucking companies will only CDL drivers and can provide training. A trucking job is usually only delivering, so no experience may not matter. With other jobs, one may need 10 + years of experience, so taking on the opportunity to experience a truck driving job is going to be beneficial.

With all of the benefits and how trucking jobs are in demand right now, don’t let this opportunity pass. Having thought about this career before but never took the step towards it, right now is the chance to jump on the opportunity. This could be the job that a family has been needing.

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