Trucking Industry Jobs to Increase by 2022


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- The Trucking Industry has seen a fluctuation in the past few years but the future is very bright on the horizon as trucking is considered one of the best jobs of the future. Trucking jobs are projected to increase by almost 200,000 new jobs by 2022.

- Why trucking jobs are expected to increase

As the economy recovers from recession businesses will be moving and thriving and that will bring trucking into the top twenty jobs that will be a thriving career move. Product and services are expected to rise exponentially and this will bring jobs and increased need for over the road drivers to meet these needs.

- Trucking is a needed component to supply and demand

Production is down because of a lethargic economy. However it is expected to pick up because supply and demand are picking up. As trends show at the bureau of labor the fall and rise of supply and demand, it is now showing a serious upward trend towards 2022.

Trucking will continue to stay on top as the main use of transporting goods. It will stay on top as it is the most cost effective means as well. The nation’s leaders in the industry are forecasting a tremendous rise in the need for over the road transportation.

- How much will the trucking industry increase?

It is projected by many forecasters that by 2022 trucking will increase by sixty six percent. Tonnage is expected to rise as well and the predicted percentage is twenty four percent. Freight transportation is handled by the Trucking Industry and it is also predicted as the winner in transporting goods over the next few years.

- Driver shortages

Many trucking companies are facing shortages of drivers all over the US. The time is now to get in and get the necessary skills to be in on this rapid rebound of economic growth. Companies are facing a desperate time and are short handed to handle this rise in business demand. Drivers are needed immediately for positions all over the country.

- The forecast is predicting that trucking is in the top twenty best jobs for 2022 and beyond

Trucking companies offer long term security and advantage for employees to get and keep experienced drivers. Training now and becoming an experienced over the road driver is an advantage for people looking for a good career. This is the time to pursue with vigor.

Training and experience are the two factors needed to get in on this economic turn-around for the trucking industry. This is a good career move and it should be considered seriously for long term job security.

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