True Aesthetics Center Offers Vampire Face Lift for Astounding Skin Rejuvenation


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- The desire to look younger and beautiful over years, particularly in matured age, is a common human desire, observed in both genders. While there are several skincare and treatment procedures one may obtain for this purpose, not all are equally effective. For people weary and skeptical of prevalent methods such as invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, True Aesthetics center has launched its unique vampire facelift procedure.

The vampire facelift is a new effective skin rejuvenation procedure that can be availed to restore youthful vitality and combat sunken skin areas. It offers several advantages over other popular face rejuvenation methods. It is non-surgical cosmetic procedure and does not need a lot of time to be implemented. People can opt for this procedure when they notice visible signs of aging like skin color fading, deterioration of skin elasticity and volume loss with sunken areas especially of the cheeks.

With True Aesthetics center’s vampire facelift process, it is possible to get back skin elasticity and a radiant complexion, at the same time. Dr. True performs the procedure on candidates and it requires only local anesthesia. In this process, a gel type substance, PRFM or platelet rich fibrin matrix is injected in various areas of face. Combined with a facial filler, it can smooth wrinkles and fill up sunken areas around the eyes and nose. This substance is taken from the patient’s own blood. It stimulates the patient’s own collagen production and rejuvenates the patient’s youthful vibrancy.

The vampire facelift of True Aesthetics center treats 3 main signs of skin ageing. It enhances loss of volume from aging and it stimulates new blood vessel formation beneath skin layer to give one a more youthful glow. Skin loses its elasticity with age as collagen production is diminished. However, after injecting PRFM, collagen formation receives a boost, resulting in tighter and fuller skin. The growth factors released from the platelets help cause deep skin rejuvenation which makes the skin exterior smoother and shinier. Together, it leads to an improvement in skin color and texture, which does not appear artificial.

To obtain more information on Vampire skin lift procedure offered by True Aesthetics center, interested people can get in touch withTrueAestheticsCenter,Dallas. The center has branches in Colleyville and Dallas Fort Worth region.

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