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True Crime Book Announcement - Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders the Classic Edition


Prescott, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- There were two "Trials of the Century" in Depression Era America: The Lindbergh baby murder trial. And the infamous Winnie Ruth Judd murder trial in Phoenix in 1932.

It is fittingly ironic that Prescott, Arizona-based UCS PRESS, an imprint of MarJim Books, is debuting the book at The Trunk Space, 1506 Grand Avenue in Phoenix. Co-author J. Dwight (Jim) Dobkins will do a presentation, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., May 22. He will discuss a series of revelations about Mrs. Judd and his long-time family association with Mrs. Judd never made public before.

Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders The Classic Edition contains all of the original text of the first book ever published about Winnie Ruth Judd -- Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders by Dobkins and Robert J. Hendricks; Grosset& Dunlap, 1973, optioned six times as possible movie -- plus new material at the front and back of the book.

Dobkins will tell who the mysterious "Mr. D" was. He was mentioned by Mrs. Judd in the letter she tried to destroy known as the "Drain Pipe Letter" read during her murder trial. Also, that in the 1940s the wealthy businessman who was considered "Sugar Daddy" to Mrs. Judd, Agnes Anne LeRoi and Hedvig "Sammy" Samuelson -- the latter two were the victims -- was quietly investigated regard the death of a woman who was at one of the man's private poker parties.

Dobkins will reveal how Winnie Ruth Judd was his alibi in a reported attempted shooting in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He assured, "It will be an evening of non-stop revelations and insider information I've never made public before."

Oh, the "blood dripping" is for real. Blood-like seepage was observed oozing from one of the trunks at the train station in Los Angeles when Mrs. Judd was a fugitive.

Further irony of the publisher's marketing maneuver is that the only bookstore in the United States authorized to sell the print edition is The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona. Only non-bookstore authorized venders are The Trunk Space, and Marshall Shore who promotes himself as Arizona's Hip Historian and gives Winnie Ruth Judd tours. Only other way to get the $14.95 book is direct from UCS PRESS via e-mail to The e-book edition is available for $4.99 from Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and other leading e-book sellers.

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