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Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- Pollution caused by industries and motor vehicles, a steady increase in the world’s population, deforestation to meet people’s needs, coupled with inadequate measures to control the green house gases, all march towards the looming consequences of global warming. TrueGreen is an environmental company that is aimed towards minimizing the carbon footprints of as many clients as it can without sacrificing on quality. The company makes tree free paper and manufactures tree free copy paper and tree free towels.

The TrueGreen mission statement is to supply environmental friendly products at competitive pricing to a wide market. Catering to a larger market has been made possible with Unfi West, Haddon House, Ke He & Tree of Life, and teaming up with TrueGreen to assist in the distribution of its products. It is now possible for customers to find 4 pack bath tissue, 12 pack bath tissue and tree free paper towels on, among a variety of other TrueGreen products now available online.

According to the TrueGreen website, every year 900 million trees are harvested to manufacture paper alone. And while paper made from trees may still be biodegradable, the fact remains that trees do not replenish themselves very quickly. TrueGreen prides itself on producing only tree free paper. By using sugar cane husk and quick growing bamboo grass the company is able to maintain the quality of its products while still protecting the one of earth’s most valuable resources.

The website assures its readers that sugar cane re-grows as quickly as every 12 months while bamboo grass can grow up to 3 inches a day. Unfortunately, both sugar cane and bamboo grass are not readily available in North America, where the company is based. The company has to outsource to India, Brazil, and China where both these plants are grown in an abundance. TrueGreen hopes to be able to one day grow sugar cane and bamboo grass in North America.

The treeless paper products that are made available by True Green include items such as Bath Tissue, Facial Tissue, Napkins, Paper Towels, Copy Paper, Stationary Supplies, Dinnerware, and “Away From Home Products”. Away From Home Products include C-Fold Paper Towels, Multi-Fold Paper Towels, Jumbo Roll Tissue, and Cocktail, Lunch, and Dinner Napkins.

TrueGreen products have received positive feedback. As one of the reviews on the website says, “I especially like that the product is biodegradable. Just great! I hope you will continue to expand your product line.”

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TrueGreen is a tree free paper manufacturing business. The company aims to minimize the carbon footprints of as many people as possible without sacrificing on quality. By pricing its products at an affordable rate, TrueGreen hopes to cater to a wide market.

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