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True Love? or Plain Abuse? American Woman's Gripping Autobiography Shares Life of Being a 'Black Sheep'; Inspiring Others to Fight Through Adversity

Written by Daphney Leggett about her tumultuous life, ‘"True Love? Or Plain Abuse?" Thanc It's A Game!!!’ reaches into the heart and soul of readers from all walks of life. Taking readers on a journey into a broken childhood, abuse, prostitution, and finally triumphing in the eyes of the Lord – Leggett’s story is proof that there’s always a glimmer of light in even the darkest of tunnels.


Magee, MS -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Everyone faces adversity in their life, but few as intense or prolonged as Daphney Leggett. Having previously dealt with her past through drugs and suicide attempts, Leggett has found transformative therapy in putting pen to paper and compiling her life story into a book.

‘"True Love? Or Plain Abuse?" Thanc It's A Game!!!’ is no cry for sympathy, but a bold attempt for the author to share her experiences in the hope that others can draw solace and hope from her words.

The book starts right at the very beginning of Leggett’s life, raised by her parents in Mississippi as the middle of three girls.

Leggett foretells of not feeling like she was ever accepted, due to being told by her mom that her dad didn't like black babies.

Leggett’s story attests to the hardships of growing up in a household where she was always picked on by her siblings. The verbal trauma they afflicted, telling Leggett that she was not her parent’s child and that she was not wanted, would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Raped by supposed friends at age eleven, Leggett was unable to stop it as going home with ripped clothes would have brought on punishment from her over-bearing father.

“I stopped loving my parents that day,” admits Leggett. “I ran to the nearest phone box and called my Mom in tears. She pointedly asked me “What do you expect me to do?”. I knew from that moment that we’d no longer be able to continue our relationship with love.”

With her life now changed forever, Leggett attempted suicide most days, but didn’t dare tell anyone. With her mother constantly moving around and her father’s behavior spiraling out of control, Leggett failed fifth grade.

When she reached the sixth grade, Leggett began putting her thoughts on paper, capturing her feeling of being alone and unwanted. However, throughout it all, she always knew that there was someone special inside. It wasn’t until the author opened her eyes to God that she realized there was true beauty, and God saw it each and every day.

“The book also takes a look at the realities of the rape and upbringing I had,” Leggett adds. “I’ve attempted suicide countless times, entered the world of prostitution in order to support myself and even turned to drugs. I thought marriage would help, but I ended up selling my body to foot our living expenses; something my husband would know nothing about. I later started snorting cocaine and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. All I could see was the fact that my family had turned into my pimp – never questioning where the money was coming from and also never caring.”

Continuing, “One moment haunts me every day – my children watching me being handcuffed by the police after asking where the sheriff was who I was dating at the time, who just happened to be white and well established. The local people did not like a black lady being with a white man, so the officer grabbed me and pushed me to the floor. Five officers surrounded me as my children screamed to them to leave me alone. However, God eventually helped me get out of this life and start again. While I didn’t always feel his presence, I now know that he was always there and can also help anyone else fight similar battles and emerge victorious.”

Leggett hopes that others in need of their own savior will pick up her book.

“Again, it’s not a sob story, but an opportunity for me to share all I have been through so that others will be inspired to seek similar redemption. It’s all about growing closer to one’s faith – a force I often ignored yet something that ultimately saved my life. Every household deserves to have a copy of my book,” she adds.

‘"True Love? Or Plain Abuse?" Thanc It's A Game!!!’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1lGcYL6.

About Daphney Leggett
Daphney Leggett was born in Mississippi in 1975. She is now divorced and is the proud mother of four children. She has an Associate Degree in Natural Health and specializes in Skin Care.

Leggett also has an Associate Degree of the arts with concentration on Biology. She owns her own skincare line called ‘Crème Mana’ through her company, Holistic Botanica LLC.