True Nutrition discount code TSH223

True Nutrition Discount Code TSH223 Saves 5%-10% on New High Grade, Low Cost Whey Protein

Announcing the brand new "Whey Protein Concentrate - High Grade". The highest quality WPC available at the lowest price when combined with the 5%-10% off True Nutrition Discount Code TSH223.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2012 -- True Nutrition announced the newest, most price competitive addition to their existing quality whey protein product line: Whey Protein Concentrate - High Grade!

The very popular "Recession Whey" bulk protein from True Nutrition was discontinued. The company had been searching for another product to fill the void, and keep up with the high expectations of their customers. Luckily, after all the searching, they created a product that will exceed these expectations and provide the best price for whey protein concentrate when combined with True Nutrition discount code TSH223.

True Nutrition works constantly with new and existing suppliers to keep prices low and quality at it’s best for all customers. This new whey protein concentrate is a perfect example. The new Whey Protein Concentrate - High Grade is priced at just $5.99/lb, and for orders of 16lbs or more, the price is only $5.69/lb. That is almost $1/lb less than the 25lb Recession Whey product (that was discontinued), and there are no minimum order requirements for the new line. Also, this new high grade WPC can be customized with sweeteners, flavoring, and other additives. The great price becomes even better when used with True Nutrition discount code TSH223!

The previous WPC was renamed "Whey Protein Concentrate - Super Grade" to avoid any confusion. The main differences between the two WPC’s is:

- Slightly different nutrition profile
- Mixability (It is recommended to use a shaker or blender for the new High Grade WPC).

However, the mix-ability difference between the retired Recession Whey and the new High Grade WPC is a small price to pay for such an amazingly low price. A great price savings that becomes even greater when using True Nutrition discount code TSH223 at checkout.

"Whey Protein Concentrate - High Grade” product information:

This new protein is derived from sweet dairy whey (milk) and is cold-water filtrated to remove carbohydrates, lactose, fat, and other materials.

A serving size is 30g and yields approximately 21g of protein.

It is an excellent source of BCAA’s and great for building lean muscle mass

It mixes easily in shaker cup or blender. (Clumping may occur when if mixed with a spoon)

It has a clean smooth texture, and is flavorless (unless customized)

This new protein offering is also Kosher, Halal Approved, and GMO Free

The new True Nutrition "Whey Protein Concentrate - High Grade" is sure to be a big success based on quality, and the even better discounted price, after applying the True Nutrition discount code TSH223 at checkout for an additional 5%-10% off your protein order.

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