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With the aim to provide reliable information about anaphylactic shock and its treatment, the Truly Minimal website was launched to provide awareness to individuals regarding this particular allergic reaction.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- In an effort to provide necessary information regarding the anaphylactic reaction, Truly Minimal has launched its website and packed it with all of the required information for individuals who are suffering from anaphylaxis, as well as those who could possibly suffer such condition.

A brief overview of the anaphylactic shock condition

A lot of individuals have already heard of the term anaphylaxis but aren’t really sure about such thing. Basically, anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction which is usually caused by certain allergens like foods and medications which are often harmless. If not treated immediately, the condition could lead to serious cases such as unconsciousness and even death.

Anaphylaxis occurs once the body’s immune system starts developing an antibody which is called as immunoglobulin E or IgE. Usually, the triggers of such reaction are completely harmless to humans, but there are some cases in which the immunoglobulin or IgE is produced in mass amounts, thus leading to adverse allergic reactions instead. The immune system, upon contacting with such substances, creates the antibody which then binds with the substance and producing histamine.

In large quantities, the histamine could lead to allergic reaction which is known as anaphylactic shock. This reaction basically lowers down your blood pressure, then afterwards your brain will starve for oxygen. Moreover, your lungs could become swollen thus giving you difficulties in breathing.

Known causes of anaphylaxis
The anaphylactic reaction could be caused by several things, yet there are various tests conducted on several substances which tend to cause the anaphylactic reaction at a much quicker rate. Typically, these substances include foods, insects and bugs, medications and even mold. Of these substances, foods are the ones which have been found out to feature the highest percentage of causing the allergic reaction. Some people may be allergic to some foods especially when their immune systems are at the lowest. Among the most common foods which are known to induce anaphylactic reaction include:

- Shrimp
- Nuts
- Dairy products
- Egg whites
- Shellfish
- And some other seafoods

Proper anaphylactic shock treatment

Once an individual suffers from anaphylactic shock, then the most basic treatment for such is epinephrine. The treatment works by attacking the hormones as well as the protein cells which are caused by the anaphylactic reaction. Meanwhile, in normal terms the effects of anaphylactic shock are just mainly reversed using the treatment. To receive epinephrine treatment, an intravenous (IV) injection is necessary and is usually injected on the thigh of the patient.

When the sufferer goes into shock, then he might also need to receive fluids through the IV injection along with some other medications that could get the heart rate and other vital systems back into normal.

As of now, the Truly Minimal website is constantly updating the site on a regular basis, essentially producing new contents that help promote awareness of what anaphylaxis is and the issues it brings.

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