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Trunks Depot Announces Expanded Selection of Hard-Sided Storage Solutions

Storage trunks aren't all of the military variety, reports Trunks Depot


Bayside, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Out of all of the portable storage solutions out there, one has remained popular for literally centuries: the trunk. A proper trunk is a hard-sided rectangular box that is made of something durable like steel or wood. Some manufacturers have tried to replicate the utility of trunks with hard plastic storage boxes, but those are ugly and not as strong as their more natural counterparts. Trunks also are easier to make in ways that meet specific needs or appearance specifications.

"Hundreds of years ago, people would make trunks out of thick hardwood boards," said Emmanuel Obadina of Trunks Depot, a retailer specializing in these storage solutions. "They were used to store everything from extra clothes to toys. Those antique trunks can be worth thousands of dollars now. The fine craftsmanship of the best ones is still recognized today."

The usefulness of a good trunk is still recognized today, and they are made in many different styles. "Military trunks were some of the first to get popular in the modern era," Obadina said. "Soldiers were given trunks while in the service to use as foot lockers, and when they got out, they decided that they would like to have trunks of their own. On top of that, the army began to sell old trunks as war surplus after WWII and other big conflicts. This made it easy for civilians to get reacquainted with the idea."

One slight drawback of the surge of military trunks is that it gave many people the idea that this style was the only one available. While this is fine in the eyes of military buffs, people looking for a more civilian style often missed out on the other possibilities. It took quite a bit of advertising by various furniture makers before more people realized that they could still get hardwood doll trunks, clothing trunks and dorm trunks.

"The idea of the steel storage trunk was also expanded, " Obadina noted. "Customized appearances are available, with pictures printed across the entire outside of the steel panels. Various sizes are easy to find, and it's even possible to get cube-shaped ones. Steel-clad trunks are great for protecting the contents from blows or making them exceptionally hard to steal, so it's no wonder that customers have demanded unusual sizes to fit their unique items."

This isn't to say that military-style trunks are out of fashion. They do tend to look a bit less rough than the ones used in WWII, but styles that call up a martial image are still popular. Camouflage trunks are favored both by army fans and hunters, and Marine Corps-style ones are popular with both those who have been in the Corps and those who would like to join.

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