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New Trust Assessment Technology Offers Advantages and Global Opportunities

The RRA Center www.rracenter.com, which recently announced the development of the world's first fully-automated trust assessment system, is quickly expanding its business operations worldwide.


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2012 -- The RRA Center's Director of Operations, Commander Ivan Ortega, explained the Remote Risk Assessment (RRA) process can determine risk levels of individuals in sensitive job positions, such as police, military, government, and private industry. The goal of the service is simple: To evaluate trust and risk levels of individuals in sensitive positions who may be susceptible to corruption, criminal activity or other behaviors that may adversely impact upon their suitability, loyalty or trustworthiness.

Commander Ortega stated The RRA Center is now conducting business with organizations across the globe. "Since businesses and governments around the world are concerned with trust, they all require methods to gauge the trust levels of individuals who make up their organizations. In the past this was done rather crudely, by conducting basic background checks, face-to-face interviews, or by using subjective evaluations. Since all organizations are unique, the RRA process can be tailored to supplement these traditional methods by ensuring technically objective and unbiased trust thresholds are achieved."

"Organizational risks involving employees exists at all levels. From petty theft and other crimes, to illegal drug use, organized crime activities, and even high-level white collar crime conducted by senior managers." Commander Ortega further explained "It is well documented by the United Nations that corruption exists worldwide and is a root cause of much of today's human conflict and organizational ineffectiveness. One of our primary goals is to assist governments and large organizations in identifying corruption and other serious risk issues. As the United Nations Office responsible for Anti-Corruption has noted, a lack of trust can destroy relationships, organizations and societies."

"We are always searching for strategic partners with business and government organizations interested in offering RRAservices. Not only will the results of such efforts be good for society in general, but from a business perspective it provides vast opportunities. We decided years ago to leverage technology to enhance our risk assessment effectiveness and RRA is the end result of those efforts. The savings realized by implementing RRA in terms of capital, man-hours and other limited resources can be tremendous. Further, the minor investment required to implement RRA can be quickly offset by the immediate cost savings RRA provides."

Commander Ortega explained that technically the RRA process was designed to operate over both standard and VOIP telephone lines so it could be easily deployed worldwide using existing communications infrastructures. "What makes RRA truly unique is the simplicity of the interview process and the fact that the system is totally automated. The RRA system can conduct hundreds-to-thousands of trust assessment interviews per day. There is no other technology, system, or process in existence that is technically capable of achieving such results." He also noted the RRA system has already provided confirmed accuracy levels greater than 95% during actual trust assessment interviews.

You can learn more about The RRA Center by visiting www.rracenter.com and watching a video about the RRA process or by listening to an actual RRA interview. For further details about The RRA Center, Commander Ivan Ortega can be contacted directly at 915-443-7722 or by email at ivanortega@rrasolutions.com.