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Trust Jacker Review: Warning and Big Secret Revealed About the Software


Toronto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Trust Jacker is a new WordPress plug-in ('add-on') that is geared towards facilitating internet marketing, almost to the point of automation. As will be stressed in this review, the system is NOT hands-free and it does require some work.

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What Trust Jacker does is to provide the ability to select content from a source and embed it into a frame. The content should be from an authoritative source (trustworthy - hence the name "trust jacker") as this is more likely to translate into clicks, and subsequently, profits. Then, the program automatically places an ad behind the text from the original source, and when the visitors close this page, the offer will appear. As the advert appears right after the visitor has been reading content from an authoritative source, it is more likely that they will trust the offer, and click on it (as opposed to ads appearing on shady sites). In essence, Trust Jacker allows the user to piggy-back on trusted sites such as news sites, twitter, facebook, celebrity sites, etc...

Trust Jacker will therefore enable the user to monetize everything online, in every niche imaginable, and hence there is virtually no limit to the amount of sales that can be made. It takes away all the hard work that the webmaster will otherwise have to do if they were to write their own content. Not to mention that visitors are more likely to trust information from known sources rather than from individual authors. It is an ingenious plug-in that makes online marketing easy and smart, rather than tedious and laborious.

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The plugin also comes with a step-by-step how-to guide- "Trust Jacker Mastermind Training", although it is extremely easy to use. In addition, the user will be provided with a real-time tracking system that will show exactly which links are getting clicked and how many views the offers are getting. This will enable the user to stick to converting offers and ditch less-effective ones.

So what is the final recommendation based on this Trust Jacker Review? The plug-in very easy to use and highly intuitive, meaning that the user will be able to start using it within a few minutes of downloading it. It takes very little effort to implement to a website (cut and paste) and conversion rates are high when using content from authoritative sites versus blog-style content.

Trust Jacker is NOT an install-and-forget system that will make thousands of dollars in a day. The user will still need to build a basic website and get some visitors to it. However, once a website is in place, Trust Jacker is indeed the best tool at the moment to monetize a site. It is an extremely innovative system that greatly eases the work it takes to make money online and will definitely increase the profitability of any website. For the low price it is currently going for, a 10/10 rating as a tool for internet marketing is well-deserved.

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Trust Jacker is a revolutionary software which uses trust from social sites to help with online marketing. Since the prospective customer isn’t arriving to a business’ banner or advert through external link, this may complement credibility and trust of an offer. In simple words, advertisers will be able to take advantage of other reputable websites such as Facebook and viral sites to drive customers to their offer literally without leaving those more creditable websites. Trust Jacker by Rob Jones is as a new marketing software is indeed very advantageous, making waves online..