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Trust Jacker - Make Money with Facebook Fan Pages


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has taken the web by a storm. People spend hours on these sites that let you socialize with people and keep in touch with them. Excessive use and addiction to these sites are becoming a problem for youngsters who have just joined the working industry. These sites affect people who are doing job by diverting their mind to something else such as pictures and videos that seem interesting. People now want a job where they are paid to be on social sites rather than excruciating office paper work. For times like these, two men named Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones developed a software called the “Trust Jacker” which lets people earn money through many social networking sites.

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It lets people make money through things they already do and are a part of their everyday routines such as Facebook, Twitter, Emails, blog posting, forum posting and the list goes on. When people post links on social sites pointing to an authority site or web article, their account balance increases every second. The program uses a very smart way to increase earnings up to 15% on every single email people send out which has a link that has to be shared in the mail. It makes money when people post a blog and the rate increases by every blog post. Same is the case with forums and tweets on Twitter. It is a WordPress plug-in to increase the ease of marketing.

What it basically does is to let people choose contents from a trusted site and place it in a frame. This program then runs the advertisement in the background of the site in such a way that any person who visits the websites first reads his points of interest and then when he is done, the advertisement is shown. This adds a bit of a trust in that person that the advertisement is not spam. This software actually lets people market anything on busy websites such as Facebook, Youtube and many others.

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Trust Jacker is a very easy to follow program with detailed step by step instructions to be followed by beginners that guides people by the hand. It gives people the opportunity to earn easy money without applying any rocket science or statistical calculations with compact details to every question that arises in people’s minds. The thing that makes this program unique from other software online is the ease to use and understand this software and the fact that it ACTUALLY works unlike those scam programs that provide people with false hopes. Positive reviews about this program are flowing on the internet making it a must-try software for people interested in easy money and online marketing.

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