Trust in the Global Market

VeraSafe Takes Business Verification Worldwide


Essex, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- VeraSafe, The Internet Trust Company, is taking business verification international. In an expanding global marketplace, a Trust Seal allows businesses to appeal to consumers beyond their borders. Unlike the Better Business Bureau, which only operates in the US and Canada, VeraSafe now offers their comprehensive verification service to companies around the world. A recent Nielsen study found that global consumers are more likely to trust third-party recommendations over a company’s own media campaigns. In fact, 92 percent of consumers trust “earned media,” compared to the less than 50 percent who said they trust paid television, magazine and newspaper ads. A Trust Seal allows a business to tell consumers that they have received third-party verification from a trusted source.

The Better Business Bureau has provided business verification for about 80 years, but their scope is limited. The internet has changed the way people shop around the world. International companies are now able to offer their goods and services directly to the end consumer, whether the customer lives across the street or 10,000 miles away. To appeal to global consumers, these international companies need to show that they meet the same verification standards the consumer would expect of a local business. VeraSafe has stepped in to fill in this avoid and offer their verification service worldwide.

A Trust Seal is a badge a business displays directly on their website. Recent studies from the Princeton Survey Research Associates show that 60 percent of consumers consider Trust Seals important when shopping online. Getting verified is one of the easiest and most effective steps an international business can take to boost sales.

VeraSafe was founded by a team of website security professionals led by Matthew Joseph. They provide comprehensive verification for online businesses around the world. After VeraSafe agents confirm the business’s identity, which can take less than 48 hours in some cases, the business receives a Trust Seal to display on their website. This badge shows consumers that the company has met the stringent requirements to earn VeraSafe’s endorsement.