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Trusted Merger and Acquisition Advisors Celebrate over Seventeen Years of Maximizing Sales While Minimizing Overhead

The CBB Group Take Pride in More Than Seventeen Years of Servicing Privately-Owned Businesses


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2016 -- Selling can be a tricky task - especially when it comes to business brokering for privately-owned businesses. When the time arrives to value companies, it's not such a simple and straightforward process. That's why going with a merger and acquisition company that is experienced, has a solid plan in place, and is willing to take the time to sit down and listen to all their clients' questions and concerns is so essential. As a leading provider of business brokerage/merger and acquisition services, The CBB Group is proud to celebrate over seventeen years of aiding countless individuals such as investors and businesses owners in making the right choices.

In contrast to valuing publicly traded companies, there are typically far more complexities when it comes to privately held ones and to maintain such a staunch record of success speaks all the more of the hard-earned reputation of The CBB Group's team members. As seasoned advisors, CBB sees to it that they are with their clients every step of the way in ensuring their clients' companies are positioned in the best possible light for potential buyers. The six step method they have developed and honed over the years is the perfect guide for taking clients through a smooth journey that gives a true feeling of reassurance and speaks to the competence CBB acts upon while serving their customers.

The CBB Group specializes in the lower middle market, serving privately owned business with revenue ranging from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000. They recommend, if possible, considering a consider a two- or three-year exit strategy. This allows ample time to work with CBB's trusted team of advisors in maximizing the sale of the company. The CBB Group also often works with other trusted advisors outside such as wealth management experts, CPAs, and estate attorneys that assist with the process and weigh in with their expertise in order to ensure that the client keeps the most out of the value they have created.

"From start to finish, we look for every possible way to maximize our clients' end dollar amount," shared CBB Group Founder Bill Billingsley. "Our experience over the last seventeen years has taught us that being experts and helping our clients in the greatest way possible means taking the time to not just advise, but also to truly listen and learn as much as we can about their goals and their company."

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About The CBB Group, Inc.
Since 1999, The CBB Group, Inc. has been serving owners of privately held companies in the Pacific Northwest as trusted advisors. As a leading provider of business brokerage/merger and acquisition services, The CBB Group's mission is to ensure their clients success. Their team of trusted advisors work with our clients through each step of the transaction process – from creating a market for their business to working with other advisors, the buyer, legal counsel and through closing.