TruTax Reminds Homeowners of Deadline for Lowering Long Island Property Tax

The deadline for lowering Long Islanders’ property tax is fast approaching, with a due date of May 20th, 2014. TruTax offers licensed tax grievance assistance for property owners.


Farmingville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- The deadline for residents of Suffolk County, Long Island to lower their property taxes is fast approaching. The deadline falls on May 20th, 2014, so there is still time for residents to file a grievance if they feel that their home has been over-assessed.

The town assesses the value of all homes. Since it is impossible for the town to evaluate each home individually, it plugs in values for square footage, home style, and amenities and often, homes are assessed incorrectly. Property values change over time, and many homeowners are overpaying their property taxes. Some homeowners are shocked when they learn how much they have been overpaying.

TruTax Reduction Services, Inc., a company licensed by the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs, represents homeowners throughout the property tax grievance process from application to the town through the Small Claims Assessment Review Petition, (SCARP), to correct the property assessment value. With a new value placed on their property, homeowners will owe less in property tax.

“At TruTax, we pride ourselves in taking care of the process from beginning to end,” said Anthony Izzo, the founder of TruTax. Users have the option to file an online application that is designed to take no more than 60 seconds. There is no upfront cost, risks, or even visitation associated with filing an application with TruTax, and the company will handle all subsequent paperwork, from initial filing to the appeals process.

According to Izzo, homeowners often believe that it is not worth the risk to file a grievance in fear that their taxes may increase as a result. However, by law, the assessor cannot raise an individual homeowner’s property tax as the result of filing a grievance. There are only two potential outcomes to filing a property tax grievance. Either the tax bill will be reduced or it will remain unchanged. TruTax deals with all the associated paperwork, appraisal, meetings, and hearings. Izzo states that at the very least, his clients will know if they are fairly, under or over assessed, which in itself is information worth knowing.

Even though the deadline is less than two months away, Izzo urges all property owners who feel they are overpaying their property tax or just want to verify that their property assessment is correct to file a grievance sooner rather than later. He said, “The risks are few to none, while the potential benefits could be enormous. By acting as early as possible, homeowners will find much greater peace of mind with an accurate valuation.”

About TruTax Reduction Services, Inc.
TruTax Reduction Services, Inc. ( is a Suffolk County licensed company that deals with property tax grievances throughout Suffolk County, NY. TruTax has helped homeowners save up to several thousand dollars per year on property taxes by individually determining the value of a property and contesting the assessed market value.

TruTax does not impose any costs up front and is paid only after successful results.