Truth About Abs Review - Is It Working or Just Another Scam

Truth About Abs provides unusual tips and foods for losing stomach fat, with free presentations and an e-report, available by signing up on the website. Fitness, health, and nutrition articles are also available.


Bucharest, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Providing an honest source of fitness and nutrition tips and news, Truth About Abs provides knowledge on unconventional workout ideas, motivation, and advice on healthy meals to burn fat and build muscle. A free presentation, available by signing up on the website, details foods little known to burn fat, health foods that only increase stomach fat, and how to be motivated for lifelong fitness.

In addition, the presentation illustrates a trick to reduce junk food cravings and describes unconventional workouts that burn fat in the abdominal region faster than a cardio workout. Separate free presentations are available for men and women.

Also available by signing up, with name and email, is Insider Secrets for a Lean Body, featuring 27 metabolism boosting secrets which can burn off belly fat. The e-report details the #1 hard-body exercise, the 55 fastest fat-burning foods, and includes over two dozen workout ideas along with the two worst types of foods for adding fat to the body.

The Truth about abs official website

The website itself serves to present facts. These cover the issue that many health foods are anything but, and actually stimulate fat production. Common exercises believed to be effective at building six pack abs are identified as least effective at building muscle, and the site goes on to state that repetitive cardio exercises are not the best way to lose body fat.

It also says that fat burner pills and similar supplements are expensive and are not necessary. Numerous infomercial gimmicks are misleading, according to another fact on the website, and that there are tips that the models shown in these advertisements really use to get in shape.

The Truth About Abs website, in addition to providing access to free tips, a presentation, and an e-report, includes numerous topical articles. These cover topics such as how to reduce body fat without pills or supplements, build lean muscle fast, do full body exercises, and properly implement food and carbohydrate cycling. There are also more articles, which can be found in large numbers by digging deeper into the site.

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