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Truth About Cellulite Review Discloses Joey Atlas' Complete Cellulite Removal Method

Truth about Cellulite is the latest method of cellulite removal, reviewed by This natural way of eliminating cellulite fast is described as extremely effective.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- The Truth about Cellulite review on shows that the new method was developed by Joey Atlas, an appreciated nutrition specialist.

Joey’s Truth about Cellulite: the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method promises to help all women improve their looks easily and with no efforts. After the treatment is completed, women will enjoy beautiful skin and improved confidence in their own beauty.

Joey Atlas is a professional bodybuilder and a nutrition specialist who has actually helped hundreds of famous people model their body shape. Now, he decided to share his method with the whole world.

To find out more About Joey Atlas, read customers testimonials and download the Truth Abut Cellulite Guide visit the Official Webiste.

According to, Joey Atlas’ method addresses any girl who is tired of exhausting gym workouts and endless treatments that never show results. His method is unique because Joey claims that cellulite is not a skin problem.

It actually is a condition of the muscles; this is why this new method targets the muscle layer below the subcutaneous fat and the skin surface. Stimulating the muscle layer, Joey Atlas claims, will lead to a gradual elimination of cellulite. For that purpose to be achieved, Joey presents a series of functional workout routines and nutrition plans.

The Truth about Cellulite: Naked Beauty SYMULAST program targets the areas that commonly are most affected by this problem. It includes lower body, butts, tights and legs, as well as hips. Each exercise is detailed by Joey Atlas in his program, for users to perfectly implement it for the best results.

In the Truth about Cellulite review, Daily Gossip writes that this method is the only cellulite removal program that addresses the cause of this problem. The guide features diet plans, techniques to enhance the firmness of the muscles, as well as ways to burn cellulite fast and permanently.

The method is all natural, having no side effects. Customers don’t need to use any harmful chemicals or drugs for the desired effects to be achieved. Joey Atlas’ method will lead to cellulite elimination in about 4 weeks, at least when all steps of the method are followed exactly.