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Truth About Cellulite Review Presents Joey Atlas' Revolutionary Diet Plan to Destroy Cellulite


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- There are millions and millions of women who are worried about the look of their their bums, thighs, hips and waist. Apart from unwanted fat, cellulite is another big problem that many women have to encounter. While some women manage in getting rid of unwanted fat from their bodies, cellulite removal is a totally different story. Cellulite is a highly searched term in the Internet and as a matter of fact, a keyword such as “cellulite treatments” will return hundreds of thousands of matches. There are several risky and expensive medical treatments and surgical operations that can supposedly treat cellulite. However, few are ready to go under the knife and instead most women look for simple and inexpensive ways of getting rid of those nasty cellulite cells.


How to Treat Cellulite?
Anyone looking for treatments for cellulite should try out the Truth about Cellulite program. This program was designed specially to offer support to women who are suffering from cellulite problems, like unwanted and unattractive dimples on the thighs, hips, buns and legs. This Truth About Cellulite review focuses on the important features of this product, its pros and cons and whether it offers women what it preaches.

Truth about Cellulite is none other than a guidebook that provides insights on how a woman can make unsighltly cellulite cells disappear right at her home through simple exercises. According to Joey Atlas, the creator of this program, the right muscle strengthening exercises along with the right healthy diet can do great things to the body of a woman, including getting rid of cellulite. This program is also known as “The Naked Beauty, the Symulast Method”.

Who Is Joey Atlas?
Joey is not just any man in the street. He is a renowned fitness expert and nutritionist who has carried out years of research before coming out with this program. According to the author himself, his method is backed up by scientific proof. Joey states that his method is one of the best ways that women can use to treat the cellulite problem naturally.

The manual is very easy to follow and according to the author, most women should start seeing results within a month of following the proven step by step instructions. The general consensus is that this is a natural, painless and effective way of treating women with cellulite. Apparently, provided the information available is correct, there are thousands of women using Joey’s program all over the world.


Features and Advantages of Using the Truth About Cellulite Program
There are many benefits that are offered by the Truth about Cellulite program. The guide describes the best methods to combat cellulite without the use of expensive cellulite creams and cellulite lotions. However the manual also provides general information about cellulite and how it develops in the body.

First and foremost, the author explains that cellulite is not really something that can be removed. In other words, cellulite removal is not a process of eliminating some cellulite fat cells from the body. Joey explains that organizations that market anti-cellulite creams and other cellulite removal products deceive women into thinking that getting rid of cellulite is a process of removing some “bad” cellulite cells or neutralizing some kind of toxin in the cellulite cells.

Cellulite is just a condition that takes place when the layer of muscle beneath the subcontaneous fat (the layer of fat underneath the skin) is not properly stimulated. The cellulite problem is best tackled by reinforcing the areas that are mostly affected by cellulite by properly stimulating the muscles beneath the subcontaneous fat layer. This muscle stimulation is carried out by performing the right types of exercises that target the affected areas.

One of the best things about this program is that the exercises can be done in the comfort of one’s home. There is no need to buy any expensive equipment or join any gym or fitness classes. For those women who hate reading and prefer visual instructions, the exercises are also provided in online videos containing step by step instructions of every exercise routine. Apart from the exercise videos that target the cellulite ridden areas, the program also includes a bonus video for those women who want to tone and tighten their midsection.


The creator of the program calls the routines to be carried out as “multidimensional” exercises, which according to Joey, are more effective than other treatments to get rid of cellulite. The author states that 28 days are enough for a woman to start seeing effective results. In those 4 weeks, a woman can see considerable changes in the way she looks and feels. After 8 weeks of using the program, about 97% of the affected areas would have been targeted.

As no two women are the same in body shape, a woman joining this program can adopt a personalized exercise and diet schedule to control her cellulite, depending on her particular physical characteristics. As a matter of fact, this program that has been adopted by women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Using this program for a long term will naturally and effectively keep the areas that are most prone to cellulite toned and firm. Moreover, cellulite help is also provided by means of monthly newsletters.

The program also offers a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked, which means that a woman has nothing to lose by joining this program.

Disadvantages of the Program
As can be expected, this program cannot guarantee any instant results. Women that expect to see a significant change to their bodies in the first 2 to 3 weeks will probably be disappointed with the results. Apart from that, the exercises need time and dedication and are therefore best suited for women who have some time to spare during the day. In any case it is important for any woman to follow thoroughly the advice, tips and instructions given in order to achieve maximum results.

Another disadvantage is that the system is not effective as a weight loss product. The author makes it clear that women who need to lose weight should look elsewhere. One should also note that the program is only available in digital format and it not available in hard copy format.

There is probably no better natural cellulite removal program on the market than the Truth about Cellulite. It is perhaps the easiest, the most hassle free and inexpensive way of dealing with cellulite. The system provides all the necessary details needed to select the right foods and the right kind of targeted exercises that are needed to tone and firm the affected areas while removing the look of cellulite in the process.

It is the ideal product for women that are in good physical shape and want to obtain sexy thighs, hips and legs as well as a good looking bum without those ugly looking cellulite dimples and bumps. This program can assist women to become more self confident when wearing tight clothes, shorts and skirts and most of all when going the beach.

About Truth about Cellulite
The Truth about Cellulite is a cellulite removal plan that lasts one month. The method takes less than 20 minutes a day to be implemented. It targets specific areas, including the areas of the body which are most commonly affected by the development of cellulite.

Joey Atlas is a fitness professional and nutrition expert who worked for years with the purpose to develop an efficient way of eliminating cellulite easily. His plan has already helped thousands of people.