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Truth About Cellulite Review Reveales Exercises for Cellulite on Back of Thighs

It is impossible to get rid of cellulite without exercising, claims in a review made on Joey Atlas’ highly acclaimed e-book, Truth about Cellulite. And as the back of thighs is the most affected area, the magazine says Atlas’ Symulast method is the best way to beat this condition.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Joey Atlas, a renowned fitness guru and nutritionist, has been researching cellulite for a while before learning that its primary cause is muscle atrophy. This occurs when the muscles in the lower body areas are no longer properly stimulated and become saggy, therefore making room for cellulite to install. This is why the author tried to create a program that would stimulate the muscles as to eliminate cellulite.

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Symulast, which is an acronym for Synergetic Muscle Layer Stimulation, was developed as a response to women's problems when it comes to cellulite removal. Joey Atlas first tried this program on his own sister and a personal friend. Seeing that it is successful and has impressive results, he decided to share it with the world by means of his book, Truth about Cellulite.

In the manual, Atlas presents the most effective cellulite exercises for back of thighs, but also numerous diet tips and home treatments that would help women tackle this matter once and for all, writes Cellulite Procedures magazine. The guide is basically a provider of all that women need to know about cellulite, including what causes it, what are the available options to treat it, and what should be done to prevent it.

The exercises presented by the author are explained in video demonstrations because it is important for women to perform them correctly, says Atlas. It is like having a personal trainer at home, he explains. Most importantly, women using this program won’t have to spend on gym membership and equipment – they won’t even need to leave the house.

For the best cellulite exercises for back of thighs, recommends Joey Atlas’ e-book. Truth about Cellulite, in which the Symulast method is thoroughly described, has helped thousands of women worldwide eliminate this unpleasant condition in just four weeks, concludes the magazine.