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Truth Behind the Men's Thoughts on Women's "No Makeup" Look

A lot of men are claiming that they prefer “the natural look” on women. This can be true decades ago, but these days, this is a total nonsense. According to the study from an online dating site, Zoosk – it is found out that men’s online behavior speaks the exact opposite of what they are saying.


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- In a study conducted by Zoosk wherein 1200 women’s profiles on the dating site analyzed, results are rather disappointing for some: women who are wearing makeup in their display photo attract thrice as many hits than those who don’t.

Yet, men affirm they prefer women without make up and rant about these cosmetics by saying: ''Do you really have to wear all that stuff on your face?'', ''Lipstick is gross.'' '''I wish you’d wipe that off.'' Etc. These seem to make no sense as what the study reveals.

Ernie Arias, 38, commented on the study: ''Push-up bras, heels, spray tans, hair colour, fake lashes and make-up too? No guy wants a girl that turns into a pumpkin at midnight.''

On the other hand, Sam Delate, 42, is adamant he tied the knot to his wife simply because she’s a natural. ''The reason I have a preference for little make-up on girls is that's what they will look like naturally in the morning, as opposed to lying next to someone who can supply all the concealer to fill the cracks in the wall,'' Delate stated.

Though these may sound true, but the fact that most guys drop their jaw whenever they stumble across a heavily made up woman who perhaps maybe a beauty queen material. Evident enough?

Should makeup be held responsible with all these? Not necessarily. Nowadays, makeup has become a girl’s necessity and they are practically everywhere, in the nearest stores, malls and even online. Discount makeups are the ones that girls are usually looking for, for these cosmetics give them a vibrant look and give their confidence an additional boost without cutting their budget too much.

Women can’t be blamed if they want to enhance their God-given gift and walk out the door oozing with confidence and men cannot be blamed if they appreciate what girls are doing with their looks. These are brought by time, something that nobody has control over.

These days, one can hardly determine whether a girl is wearing makeup or not in their profile pictures, for there are cosmetics that appear so organic through the camera’s lenses and there are girls who have natural glow that one may think that she’s wearing makeup when in fact she’s not.

Beauty is skin-deep. True. Is it bad to lift it outside the skin through the use of make up? Absolutely NOT!

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