Truth of Addiction Launches Its New Product - Addiction Treatment and Recovery


Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- For all people that need to get help managing their addiction, the Truth Of Addiction system claims to be the cornerstone to the path to recovery. The Truth Of Addiction website explains what methods are backed up by research and evidence, while other treatment options may be opinion based. It gives an in-depth explanation why some methods of addiction treatment are successful while others are not.

According to the Truth Of Addiction system, before beginning any expensive rehab or treatment program there are several things that addicts and loved ones of addicts should know. Apparently, abundant research and clinical studies on the efficacy of certain treatment models are available, but many people do not know where to look. The Truth Of Addiction system backs up it's claims by references and data.

Truth Of Addiction Research
Scientists agree that addiction is a disease because it can cause changes in the brain. The acute treatment of addiction has been nationally recognized as having many problems. Instead of seeking for a short-term cure for addicts, evidence suggests that lifetime management of addictions yields best results.

How To Recover From Addiction
The Truth Of Addiction program is the most in-depth evidence-based and data-driven system on how the brain operates and why many recovery methods do not work and some methods may cause greater problems. Neuroscientists have taken great steps into understanding the brain and why many addicts break promise after promise to themselves and those they love.

The Truth Of Addiction system not only is informative, but provides the reader with materials that have been proven by research and data-driven evidence as the most effective way to manage addictions.

Truth Of Addiction
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