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Truth of Addiction Program Reveals the Problems with Conventional Addiction Treatment


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- The Truth Of Addiction System is a scientifically proven program that shows you step by step how to stop your addiction, whatever it may be. It has worked for handfuls of people and families worldwide. It is more than an addiction helpline. Instead it is a powerful tool for addiction treatment, as it shows addicts and their families scientifically proven techniques to treating addiction.

There are several steps to beating addiction. Addiction affects the user both biochemically and physically. Therefore addiction treatment must address this issue to be successful. The Truth of Addiction Program focuses on restoring the addict to proper health through using certain nutrients that help regulate and restore depleted neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) so the addict can feel better naturally and weakens the cravings.

One method claimed to be very effective in the Truth Of Addiction Program is cognitive behavioral therapy. According to A. Scott Roberts, the creator of the truth of addiction program, addiction treatment is often misguided and misunderstood and the same recovery techniques have been used since the 1950s. A. Scott Roberts believes that addiction treatment must use evidence-based programs to produce successful outcomes and the outdated methods of acute treatment and spending tens of thousands of dollars on rehabs are not scientifically-based nor very useful.

Using cognitive behavioral therapy teaches the addict to cope with cravings and enables the addict to redirect attention when cravings and urges hit.

The program does not focus on hypnosis, talk therapy or necessarily emphasizes the 12 steps like other programs do. The Truth of Addiction Program claims that these methods are not based scientific evidence, and most people that are able to quit usually do it on their own using proper cognitive therapy techniques.

A. Scott Roberts, the creator of the Truth Of Addiction program, believes that successful treatment in recovery must employ techniques that are backed by solid research. In fact, he advises that expensive acute treatment options are becoming recognized on a national level as producing high recidivism rates and unsuccessful outcomes.

About The Truth Of Addiction Program
The Truth Of Addiction Program uses a combination of powerful techniques such as nutrition, cognitive therapy and coping skills. The Truth Of Addiction Program contains downloadable audio/visual materials to help addicts to train the mind and lessen the intensity of cravings.

About A. Scott Roberts
A. Scott Roberts is the author and creator of the Truth of Addiction Program. He is a former addiction sufferer, holds a A. S. in Business, a B.S. In Psychology and studies M. S. Rehabilitation Counseling.

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