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Truth of Addiction Program Review: Techniques to Break Free from Pornography Addiction


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- The Truth Of Addiction Program is designed to help individuals stuck in the pornography trap by giving them information about evidence-based techniques that decrease cravings through research-based cognitive therapy training.

Clients of the Truth Of Addiction Program may discover that pornography addiction is like any other addiction - it is chemically based in the brain. The author claims that scientifically proven techniques that train the brain appears to be a very effective treatment option.

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The Truth Of Addiction guidebook reveals techniques that are based on science and research. It claims to assist individuals with other sexual addiction problems as well. This system uses cognitive therapy techniques that are taught through visual and audio materials that are instantly downloadable from the Truth of Addiction website.

The Truth Of Addiction system includes scientific references to back up its claims. It also contains step by step instructions that are easy to implement. The author, A. Scott Roberts, reveals the formula to break free from sexual addiction problems and this formula has been touted by his happy customers as a "cure."

According to the author, pornography is just like drug addiction because it boosts chemicals in the brain, and in order to overcome pornography, proper evidence-based treatment should be used. The Truth Of Addiction system is meant for individuals with all addiction problems. It uses a multi-dimensional way of treating addicts through behavioral therapy, coping skills and nutrition.

A. Scott Roberts is the creator of the program and believes that there is a major problem with addiction treatment. The problem, he explains, is that most addiction treatments lack scientific validity and this shows a poor stewardship of the community resources.

About the Truth Of Addiction System
The Truth of Addiction System contains an e-guide that explains what addiction is from a neuroscience perspective and what treatments have been revealed in scientific literature to produce optimal results in recovery. The book explains why cravings happen, how to avoid them and why relapse is common in many conventional recovery programs.

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