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Truth of Addiction Uses a Scientifically-Based Approach to Addiction Management


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- The Truth Of Addiction is a unique program that is intended to help individuals with addiction problems. There is no doubt that resolving common addiction problems can bring happiness to addicts and their families. Unfortunately, not all addicts and their families know what science has revealed about proper treatment.

A. Scott Roberts, the author and creator of the Truth of Addiction Program believes that the common one-dimensional treatments - a repeated episodes of detox rehabs for brief stabilization- are ineffective and contributes to poor care.

A. Scott Roberts (a former addict himself) created the Truth Of Addiction Program to give addicts and families of addicts proper education about evidence-based techniques that claim to boost long-term sobriety.

The Truth Of Addiction Program is instantly downloadable and is over 200 pages. It contains years of research and references showing how to break through any addiction. A. Scott Roberts has a degree in psychology, participated in addiction research and knows the evidence-based techniques that help one to break free from addiction.

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Because A. Scott Roberts has personally experienced the pangs of addiction and has spent years studying the subject, he has a unique perspective. He believes that the acute model of treatment is ineffective and is not scientifically based. A. Scott Roberts has noted that addiction treatment, especially in the U. S., has essentially remained unchanged since the 1950s and has very little evidence that it works.

A. Scott Roberts believes that the advancement of science has enabled researchers to study the brain and understand addiction on a profound level. The conventional treatment options do not fit with the scientific evidence and are largely outdated.

The Techniques found in the Truth Of Addiction program has helped thousands of people worldwide and continues to inspire and help others to understand why common rehab options aren’t necessarily effective, and how some lesser-known evidence-based techniques deliver incredible results.

About A. Scott Roberts And The Truth Of Addiction Program
The Truth Of Addiction system helps the addict to acquire proper coping skills. It also uses cognitive therapy techniques as well as certain nutrition, to help the addict to recover naturally. A. Scott Roberts believes that using a multi-dimensional approach that is based on science will yield the best result. The Truth of Addiction Program emphasizes nutrition to restore and balance the brain. The program also employs cognitive therapy techniques to help lessen cravings and the urges to use.

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