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Truth of Addiction Uses Evidence-Based Practices Into Managing Common Addiction Problems


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- Truth Of Addiction is an online system that helps individuals and families to overcome addiction problems. The Truth Of Addiction system claims to be suited for addictions of all kinds. It claims to help addictions that range from substance abuse, alcohol or smoking to pornography. The Truth Of Addiction system also claims that addictions are more similar than they are different, and that they are really chemical addictions inside the brain.

Author and creator of the Truth of Addiction system, A. Scott Roberts, believes all addictions can be remedied by techniques which help the addict to learn how to manage his or her cravings and intrusive thoughts to use their drug of choice.

The online, Truth Of Addiction Program is effective because it uses a multi-dimensional approach that helps addicts and their families implement scientific-based methods that help to rebalance the addict emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Truth Of Addiction Program is backed up by many references and uses techniques which the author claims decreases relapse, lessen cravings and rebalances the brain through proper nutrition. A. Scott Roberts, the author of the truth of addiction system, believes that addiction recovery needs to focus on scientifically proven techniques that decrease an addict’s cravings, help the addict to cope with emotional instability and to train the addict to rebalance the brain and body through proper nutrition.

The Problem With Conventional Treatment Options

A. Scott Roberts notes that relapse very common when using conventional treatment options because it does not address the underlying problem. The acute treatment model, which is expensive and widely used, only gives addicts a brief stabilization and the repeated detoxification from substance abuse is not scientifically based. A. Scott Roberts notes that the current model of treatment is not using scientific-based resources that are available, and this leads to high recidivism and poor success rates.

The Truth Of Addiction Program is not intended to treat addiction through repeated use of detox, but rather, to train the addict to make proper decisions and help him or her to better manage their cravings and give them guidelines on proper nutrition to help restore depleted neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) caused by long-term addictions.

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About the Truth Of Addiction System
The Truth Of Addiction System claims to help individuals struggling with addiction to better manage their addictions long-term so that they can maintain sobriety by incorporating techniques that have been backed up by data and research.

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