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TruthReasonandSurvival.com Urges All Non-Conservatives to Unite to Save Their Country and the Planet

A new organization and website is attempting to spur a grassroots movement to muster all non-Conservative factions to come together and elevate Reason to be the governing political rule of the world.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- According to political, economic and environmental experts, Man and his planet are in trouble.

On 7/11/12, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) became the latest in a line of scientific organizations to attribute increasingly severe weather patterns to Man’s increasing carbon dioxide imprint. Yet, in the U.S., Conservatives still refuse to acknowledge global warming and continue to resist legislation to curb carbon dioxide emissions.

Recent studies show that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening as the world’s wealth is being consolidated more and more in the hands of a smaller and smaller controlling group of the world’s population. Poverty and hunger are increasing. Furthermore, the worldwide economic crisis has decimated the financial security of many millions. The result has been increasing social and political unrest.

Following the recent Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision which now allows for unlimited political contributions by corporations, (which will lead to corporations dominating the American political process as opined by Supreme Court Judge John Stevens in his dissenting opinion), a new organization and website is calling on all Non-Conservatives to unite in order to save both their own country and their planet.

“In America, as with much of the world, due to increasing fear and unrest, the conservative movement is growing. Well organized and now - thanks to the Citizen’s United Supreme Court Decision - well financed, Conservatives seek to win control of our government so they can institute their dogmatic beliefs, values, and ideas,” says the Founder of TruthReasonandSurvival.com.

Continuing, “Unfortunately their beliefs, values, and ideas work against the interests of the poor, the disadvantaged, the oppressed, the elderly, those with different religious, political, intellectual, and sexual perspectives and against efforts to reverse pollution, to preserve the environment, to preserve other species of life, and against activities and programs intended to increase knowledge and culture.”

TruthReasonandSurvival exists for one simple reason – to fight and prevent organized and well-funded Conservative alliances from being in the position to enact laws which the group believes will take the world in a direction that goes against reason, compassion and against Man’s very survival.

In short, the organization and its website seek to elevate Reason (rather than fear, greed or dogma) as being the governing political rule of the world.

In an attempt to muster attention and support from groups including liberals, intellectuals, independents, environmentalists, the LGBT community and the disenfranchised – the organization has published two eBooks to garner interest in their movement.

The Evolutionary Mandate and Other Truths, along with The Official Strategy Playbook for the New Conservative Republic Party contain hard-hitting, revealing truths which illuminate why conservatism is so dangerous and how Conservatives intend to accomplish their political objectives.

Available for instant download, the books serve to raise money for the organization’s campaign, paving the way to further public relations and media campaigns.

“If all of the non-conservative segments of society do not unite, there is a very great risk of a smaller but much more organized and well-funded conservative alliance being in the position to enact laws which will take the world in a direction that goes against reason, compassion and against Man’s very survival,” the organization’s Founder concludes.

Both books can be purchased in Amazon Kindle format, here. (Don’t have a kindle reader? Download a free e-reader for your computer, your tablet, or an app for your smart phone from Amazon-Kindle here.)

About Truth Reason and Survival
To find out more about the organization and their mandate, please visit: http://truthreasonandsurvival.com/

Interaction, debate and discussion are encouraged via their Facebook and Twitter groups.