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TruVision Health Offers a Greener Alternative for Household Cleaning Products


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2019 -- TruVision Health has expanded its eco-friendly health and wellness range by making simplyCLEAN available to households across the USA. This non-toxic biodegradable cleaner was previously only available to professionals and has astonished the commercial cleaning industry with its safety, cleaning power, and cost-effective price tag.

simplyCLEAN is a unique general surface cleaner that utilizes the power of Colloidal Action. Colloidal action is activated when simplyCLEAN is diluted with water. Water then activates the colloids within the simplyCLEAN solution, and soon the colloids begin swirling and penetrating through dirt and grime with a powerful magnetic hold. The Colloid structure holds onto particles of dirt, grime, grease, and oil and separates them from surfaces, so they can simply be wiped or flushed away.

One 8oz bottle of simplyCLEAN is enough to dilute and fill a 16oz spray bottle at least eight times. The solution is highly concentrated and very potent, meaning that it can be diluted to suit the area that needs to be treated and cleaned. simplyCLEAN is also free from petroleum, distillates, solvents, phosphates, and other polluting agents. This means that it doesn't leave a nasty chemical smell behind, and it's safe for use around plants, animals, and children. In fact, simplyCLEAN is safe to use on any surface that cannot be damaged by water.

Simply put, this product is a wonder for all household cleaning jobs that involve the breakdown and removal of grime or dirt from surfaces. It's a safe alternative to harmful bleaches and chemical-packed cleaning products. It also has the added benefit of being good for the environment and safe to use in the presence of children. To learn more, please visit

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