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TruVision Health Offers Tips for Healthy Holiday Fun


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2019 -- The holiday season makes it easy to get caught up in enjoying generous amounts of delectable food and drinks and forgo a regular healthy diet. The team at TruVision Health would like to remind its customers and the public at large that keeping healthy holiday tips in mind is important during big events, feasts, and parties.

Everyone can enjoy their favorite holiday meals, like Thanksgiving stuffing or Christmas glazed ham, as long as they are having an equal portion of healthy food. TruVision Health experts abide by the 50/50 rule: half the plate should be a combination of fruits and vegetables so the other half can be classic holiday favorites. To truly savor the food, it's best to take one's time during big meals. Experts agree that eating slowly is healthier for the body as it gives the stomach time to signal the brain that it's full.

To avoid overeating at a holiday party, everyone is encouraged to snack on healthy items. TruVision Health offers healthy Protein Popcorn and Crispy Protein Cakes that curb hunger and aid with healthy weight management. With classic flavors such as toasted s' mores and blueberry cheesecake, and new flavors of pumpkin spice and caramel apple coming soon, there are many delicious options to choose from.

Everyone can enjoy a night of drinking and dancing at their holiday party. As with everything else, drinking should not be in excess. A few glasses of alcohol accompanied by plenty of water will still have you dancing the night away, which is a great exercise to shed the calories of the night.

TruVision Health is encouraging everyone to have a great holiday break while keeping their healthy holiday tips in mind. As a wellness and nutrition company, its focus is on delivering healthy lifestyles to all of its customers. Visit to learn more.

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