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TRX Training: What It Is and How to Get Started


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Popping up in fitness centers across the country are those yellow and black straps hanging suspended from the ceiling for from special wall mounts. While they draw curious glances, many gym goers aren’t sure what they are or what they can be used for. The straps are part of the TRX Suspension Training System, developed by Navy SEALS to take advantage of gravity and use a person’s body weight as resistance to challenge and develop muscle control and tone.

The TRX training workout was further developed by Jenn Seracuse, Pilates director at her New York City studio. The workout develops strength, endurance, balance, and core stability through efficient and highly effective movements designed to make muscles work with each other to fight against gravity and body-weight resistance. Options are available to make the work-out easier for beginners, and more challenging for advanced athletes, guaranteeing an effective toning workout throughout each session.

The workouts involve a series of movements done in proper form and in rapid succession, with as little rest as possible during transitions. The total routine involves repeating the circuit three times, with 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest between sessions. The movements can be changed during the circuit to vary from warm-up to advanced movements by the time the third circuit is completed.

Some of the benefits of TRX training are obvious, such as improved strength, coordination, balance and cardio-vascular health, but what is also appealing is the variety that can be put into this workout. There are hundreds of movement patterns which can be varied, and the system is also portable. If a person wishes to exercise away from the gym, the equipment can be purchased for as little as $200-$250 and can be attached to an anchored door, tree branch, or another surface to vary the workout environment.

If looking to improve strength and coordination through a challenging body-weight workout give TRX a try and feel the numerous benefits of this Navy SEAL originated workout.

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