Dr. Oz Raspberry ketone

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Weight loss miracle in a bottle announced!


Morrisonville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Dr. Oz has once again come up with another miraculous nutritional agent in a bottle in the form of R9 full strength Raspberry ketone. This miracle burns fat, and it works out to be a wonderful supplement to any weight loss plan. Dr Oz’s miraculous statement rendered an increase in the demand for this pure raspberry ketone. It’s also easy on the pocket, priced at just $19.95.

One of the weight loss experts Lisa Lynn said, “Very Healthy. No side effects, and they help your body burn fat”, about Doctor Oz’s raspberry ketone. “Not only that, they slice it up inside the cells so it burns fat easier.”

Basically, raspberry ketones are a kind of compound that is mostly found in red raspberries and they help in regulating a natural hormone present in the body called Adiponectin. This hormone is a thin hormone that is found in those individuals, who have a lower percentage of body fat. It helps in regulating the fat content of the body, thus burning the fat cells, reducing the net fat content of the body and in turn, increasing the energy levels.

The working of raspberry ketone is also pretty simple; energy is withdrawn from the body’s fat content through increase in the lipolysis within the body. Due to its effectiveness, it has earned the name as Dr. Oz’s number one recommendation as a fat loss supplement.

The Planta Medica study in the year 2010 proved that pure raspberry ketone did indeed contain the thin hormone. Also, since it is a completely natural system, the raspberry ketones have even been approved as a GRA or a genetically recognized safe product by the FDA. The raspberry ketone is merely a stimulant; it is 100% safe and effective and has no side effects.

The raspberry ketone contains a 100mg dose of the required pure ketones in each and every capsule. There are no mysterious additives that are included in the ketones, and they are manufactured using good manufacturing practices in a secure facility. More than a million supplements have been shipped for usage across the nation. There is even a money back guarantee that has been offered on the ketones.

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