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T&T Plumbing Now Offering Foam Insulation for Homeowners to Cut Energy Costs


Abilene, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- T&T Plumbing is announcing to the public today the new Spray Foam Insulation now being offered to both homeowners and businesses as a way to keep the building both cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Tovia Grynewicz, media contact, was asked about the spray foam insulation. "Many homes are still insulated with fiberglass, which was the only type of insulation used for many years, but this type of insulation does not create an air-tight seal since air can get through fiberglass and that means it is not energy efficient. With spray foam insulation it seals completely around pipes, plumbing, and electrical outlets so that no air can pass through. This ensures the building will automatically use less energy simply by upgrading to the foam insulation and that equates to saving money each month. It also means homeowners and building owners do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint."

Asked about other benefits of the spray foam insulation. Mr. Grynewicz said, "When there is fiberglass insulation, not only can air pass through but also dampness and this can lead to mold, which can and does cause allergies and other illnesses. Of course, there is also black mold that can be extremely toxic, but the spray foam keeps everything dry so mold of any kind is no longer a threat. Bugs can also get through fiberglass but not the solid spray foam, so it truly is a superior product. Also, the building in which the spray foam is used is much quieter inside since it is completely sealed with no air passing through, it creates a sort of sound barrier between the outside and inside of the home."

"Spray foam can be used in many buildings such as homes, apartments, retail outlets, offices, and so forth. There are different types of foam insulation known as R-values and some types will work better in some areas so we make sure the right R-value is used depending on where the foam is going to be sprayed. In addition, there are many odd shaped homes and buildings that are perfect for the foam since it can mold to any shape, which is something no other type of insulation can do", Mr. Grynewicz said.

T&T Plumbing also known as Abilene Plumbing began offering the spray foam due to its superior insulating abilities. Once the spray is administered by an Abilene Plumber, it begins to expand and fill in the holes and gaps to create the air-tight seal. "No matter how well fiberglass is installed, it doesn't have the ability stop air flowing and create a perfectly insulated building like the spray foam can", Mr. Grynewicz concluded.

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