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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- Looking for a new way to stop hair loss? Stop looking at health plans that do not deliver. Instead, look to the Optimum Health package. It is a great way to satisfy and take care of numerous health needs. Though the focus of the Optimum Health package is on various aspects of the body and mind needs, the prevention of hair loss is one of the main focuses. Look no further to stop hair loss from happening. With Thomas Turks' method, you will find results that last.

By taking care of nine specific hair root -damaging actions; by adding just one specific food to perfect the hair roots nutrition, and by taking just a few minutes a day with a clever mechanical action, developed by a team at The Sydney Medical University, the author claims hair loss is stopped in a week.:

The new, nine-part Optimum Health package starts overall health improvement from day one. For example, The Mind Guide introduces new, easily mastered active meditation exercises that within a couple of weeks, develop clear thinking. This also powers-up the mind to keep negative thoughts and emotions at bay. The Workout and Weight loss guide has the answer for rapid fat loss with no counting, hunger or fasting. There is even a guide on improving sexual technique and performance. Much of what is in the guides is based on more than 50 years of research and application of science-based studies and reports by the author Thomas Turk, an Rtd. Fitness Club Chain owner. Today Thomas enjoys robust, med-free health at age 78 by following this guidance.

In these guides discover the many anti-aging secrets and protocols that prevent and cure in many areas. These concepts have such powerful health effects, that are rarely if ever discussed by the Mainstream, whose massive profits need a sickly, weak and overweight public, according to the author.

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