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TTWC Ltd. Reports 100 Percent of Individuals Feel a Smile Is Socially Important

TTWC Ltd publishes an aftercare guide to be used with their teeth whitening products, a guide designed to ensure customers have a beautiful smile for life


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Ask 100 individuals if a smile is socially important and all will say yes. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a study asking exactly this question, and 99.7 percent of respondents answered yes. In addition, 96 percent stated they believe a smile makes a person more appealing to the opposite sex and approximately 75 percent believe a smile is important to one's career. Many individuals, ashamed of the appearance of their smile, turn to teeth whitening kits for brighter, friendlier smiles.

"Opalescence Toothpaste provides a smile which is up to ten shades whiter, yet discomfort and sensitivity are never an issue. In fact, if customers find they have an issue, the company offers a money back guarantee. The formula contains fluoride, calcium, and aloe vera, ingredients designed to strengthen and nourish teeth while it brightens the smile, and in only ten treatments, the teeth look beautiful once again," Mr. G. Harvey, spokesperson for TTWC Ltd [The Teeth Whitening Company], states.

The Opalescence Toothpaste provides a white, healthy smile and is manufactured under strict clinical conditions, ones which meet current CE/EU standards. The goal remains to provide a gel which tastes great while lifting stubborn stains to produce a healthy, white smile. With use of this gel, individuals find they not only look younger, they wish to smile more often, and they observe a boost in confidence.

"Individuals need to be aware that the EU regulates the amount of hydrogen peroxide present in teeth whitening kits designed to be used at home. Individuals complained of unpleasant side effects, such as gum irritation and tooth sensitivity, following the use of in home kits, leading to the need for this regulation. After an investigation, the EU determined certain companies were adding incredibly high levels of hydrogen peroxide in the kits. For this reason, all companies must now comply with these regulations, and Opalescence Toothpaste contains no peroxide, eliminating this concern," Harvey continues.

Many opt to purchase Opalescence Toothpaste as it comes with a detailed aftercare guide, titled The Secrets To Preventing Future Staining.The guide explains which everyday foods lead to stains on the teeth, helpful tips used by dentists and celebrities to maintain a beautiful smile, and more. As the company wishes to see everyone have a gorgeous smile they want to show off, the guide comes at no additional charge.

"Try Opalescence Toothpaste today. Thanks to the 100 percent, money back, no hassle, lifetime satisfaction guarantee on the toothpaste, consumers feel confident purchasing this product. Furthermore, it comes in a secure, discreet package, so others need not know you are whitening your teeth. They'll just wonder how you are keeping your smile so amazingly beautiful," Harvey declares.

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TTWC Ltd [The Teeth Whitening Company] provides items designed to help consumers achieve a beautiful smile. A smile continues to be the first many notice when meeting someone new, so individuals need to make certain theirs projects the correct image. With the help of TTWC products, achieving this goal has never been easier.