ApplenMicro to Introduce the Most Popular YouTube Videos


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- has been launched to introduce the most popular YouTube videos. People now have the fastest way of searching for the most popular videos on YouTube through this new website. It contains fun and interesting videos that will make everybody laugh, dance, sing, and cry. is an enlightening and amazing site where individuals can spend some time whenever they want to view a funny or interesting video.

Every day, there are hundreds of videos that are becoming popular on YouTube. This gives individuals the reason to look for a website that can provide them all the videos that have become popular on the said video sharing website. With, individuals will have the chance to choose the video that they want to view. Since most of the popular videos are already featured in the site, individuals will have more time watching videos.

Some new videos go viral quickly while others take some time. The most popular videos on YouTube usually get more than 5,000,000 views. For this reason, social networking is the most popular activities online among various individuals. If a person loves a particular video, he will typically share it with their friends. If most of these people have the same reaction, the viral status of a particular video continues. collects all these intriguing and amazing videos to watch by interested individuals.

For those who are looking for a place where the latest and most popular videos are showcased, is the best place to go. Individuals do not have to search YouTube from time to time just find other popular videos. They just need to visit a site that collects this kind of videos. People may also find some videos not only about entertainment but also about advertising. However, it only gets viral if it is all about the uniqueness of a product.

Through, all videos that have been uploaded daily have the chance to become viral. If people uploaded their videos on YouTube and aimed to count millions of views, is one of the best possible ways to make their videos more popular. Wherever you are or whatever time of the day it is, you always have reason to find good entertainment.

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Contact: Christian Hou