Tubing Is the Cornerstone of Lean Manufacturing at Trilogiq USA


Livonia, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Lean manufacturing is an elevated concept, yet much of the waste to be eliminated and continued process improvement can be made in the very smallest incremental improvements. Sarah Cunningham, Marketing Coordinator at Trilogiq USA explained that tubing is one area that manufacturers can immediately realize increased productivity while lowering manufacturing costs. Cunningham commented on the current company blog, “Simply using the best tubing solution often results in a 12-15 percent increase per year in productivity. Tubing expertise is the shortest path toward lean results. The experts that comprise the sales engineering team often define the elimination of poor choices and rapid identification of best options.”

Bob Rechul, a sales engineer with Trilogiq USA, brings nearly two decades in the tube and joint field since 1995 for several different companies. Rechul noted, “Tubing improvements must be combined with all of the elements of efficient material handling elements for holistic process improvement; look at tubing improvements as one actionable choice. Any vendor can sell tubes and joints; the product approach is opposite of lean best-practices. A partnership approach with the customer from conception to long after the execution is required to ensure products and solutions surpass the needs of manufacturing customers.”

According to Cunningham, “Damaged tubes cost big money, requiring diagnosis, replacement, and repair. This down-time is a huge waste that can be easily avoided. Tubing connectors with a non-slip nub, which grips the thermoplastic coating, is considerably better without marking or damaging the tube. Inspection is always an import job by tube and connector suppliers. Tube fittings are often manufactured in accordance to conform to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard.”

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Sarah Cunningham
Marketing Coordinator