Tuit - the Future of Mobile Security


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Tuit, a mobile security ring for android devices has been in the news for the last few days thanks to the great feature and convenience it offers. Tuit is a ring that can be worn on the finger and helps in securing mobile device without the nuisance of having to unlock the mobile every time. The product is developed by Jeff Fransen. By using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the product aids in unlocking the phone automatically.

When contacted, Jeff Fransen, the founder of the product said, “Tuit is intended to protect your mobile devices mostly smart phones and tablets that hold several private and sensitive information. You save a lot of information into it. Losing your mobile can even lead to identity theft. Our product can solve this problem of mobile security.” He further added, “This is in a form of ring and you can wear it on your hand and communicate with your mobile device with the help of Tuit mobile app to exclusively recognize you. This causes the mobile device to unlock instantly. People can help us to expand the service of this product by helping us in collecting the funds.”

Sources confirmed that when another person picks up someone else’s phone or tablet it just shows a standard lockscreen that ask to enter a PIN code or draw a pattern. However, if the person is wearing the Tuit, it works differently. As soon as the hand with Tuit is used hold the device, it unlocks itself instantly and is ready for use.

The makers of the device are looking to raise funds for creating molds, manufacturing the product, checking the quality and making the same available for the masses to purchase. The prototype of the same has already been developed. The company has started a Kickstarter funding campaign for the same.

The dedicated page has a video as well that acts as a complete guide for using the product. The Lockscreen app by Tuit helps in verifying the genuineness of the product by using a cryptographic digital signature. Each Tuit has this exclusive signature, which cannot be copied or impersonated.

About Tuit Mobile Security Ring
Tuit is a product launched by Jeff Fransen. The product helps in securing mobile device without the trouble of having to unlock the mobile every time.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Darius Gaynor
Contact Number: 1-866-587-8470
Address: 159 Madison Ave New York, NY 10016